The popularity of SUVs is on the rise, as families across Australia and the globe prefer them as the primary mode of transportation. The popularity of SUVs can be gauged by just how many models of the vehicle are typically sold during a year. So lets talk why you should buy an SUV.

Why You Should Buy an SUV, Why You Should Buy an SUV, Days of a Domestic Dad

Why You Should Buy an SUV

The sales for all SUVs combined beat those for sedans and trucks. According to the latest data available from before the pandemic, SUVs crossed the highest sale figure for any passenger car made during a calendar year. 

What this means that the number of SUVs sold within a year in 2019 was more than any car maker has ever totaled before. This lends credibility to the fact that SUVs are a fan favorite and are more popular now than they have ever been before. 

The top 5 selling models in the market include: 

  1. Mazda CX-5
  2. Toyota Rav4
  3. Nissan X-Trail
  4. Hyundai Tucson
  5. Mitsubishi ASX

These models account for the most purchases in Australia and are typically loved by users. According to research by Statistics firm Roy Morgan, over 650,000 Australian families are looking to buy a new SUV during the coming years. These families are either alternating from a different type of vehicle or just want to upgrade on their current SUV. 

Why You Should Buy an SUV, Why You Should Buy an SUV, Days of a Domestic Dad

Customers who haven’t actually driven an SUV, or aren’t just sure about the process, do not know why they should go on with the purchase. The SUV market for vehicles is progressing rapidly and there are innovative vehicles coming out faster than ever before. 

In this article, we take a look at some of the reasons and factors why you should buy an SUV today and join the SUV bandwagon. We have a mixed bag of reasons for you, which can help determine your purchase decision.  

SUVs Come With More Space 

It is a proven fact that SUVs have more space inside of them. SUVs can practically accommodate big families because they have the right seating capacities and can seat people by will. Vans and trucks have certain limitations and size constraints, which is why SUVs are the preferred mode of transportation for most families today. 

Families across the globe realize just how beneficial SUVs can be for them in the long run. Most SUVs look more stylish than vans and trucks and also come with exceptional power. A good SUV will significantly improve your experience on the road and make sure that you have a good time. Drivers feel in control when on the roads and have a better experience driving for long distance family vacations. 

Why You Should Buy an SUV, Why You Should Buy an SUV, Days of a Domestic Dad
The 2022 Pathfinder is all-new from the ground-up. Every inch of the vehicle was carefully designed to convey a sense of strength and capability with a strong front face, wide stance, blister fenders and a shorter front overhang (versus the previous design).

Efficient Fuel Consumptions 

SUVs have always been frowned upon and looked down upon as creations of a lesser God for their excessive use of petrol and inability to meet customer requirements. SUVs have been known to consume a lot of petrol, but the same isn’t the case right now. Newer models have popped up in the market as of now and are known to be highly fuel efficient than before. These models give a decent average when used with a light foot and can cover large distances without going empty on the tank. 

A detailed overview of the Hyundai Tucson, for instance, will allow you to see just how fuel efficient the vehicle is. The vehicle can cover over 100 kilometres in just under 6.3 litres of fuel. This is an extremely efficient fuel consumption, which can provide you comfort on the road without adding to your costs. The Tucson is also an extremely luxurious vehicle to drive, which is an added plus, knowing that it isn’t crazy expensive to maintain and run on the roads. 

Good for Towing Cars 

Homeowners and builders who require vehicle strength to tow other solid structures such as a caravan, a boat trailer, or a horse float will love SUVs’ additional prowess and ability. SUVs have amazing towing prowess and can tow additional weight without losing their own power. 

Medium power SUVs, which include the Tucson, Toyota Rav4 and Mazda CX-5, can tow vehicles without feeling underperformed. All such SUVs can easily tow around 3000 lbs of additional weight, while larger SUVs are able to tow some 9000 lbs of additional weight. If you might have to tow additional weight through your car, then SUVs are a good option. 

Why You Should Buy an SUV, Why You Should Buy an SUV, Days of a Domestic Dad


SUVs offer a good off-road experience. All SUVs today come with the necessary features required to meet the perfect off-road experience. SUVs have a more relaxed and comfortable feel to them in comparison to hatchbacks and sedans. A decent SUV should be able to power through rugged terrain, without losing its power or comfort. 

The tires and the suspension systems are more stable in SUVs and can withstand the forces exerted by rough terrains and other off-road experiences. Passenger safety is a given, and you can count on your SUV to get you through off-road journeys. 

Why You Should Buy an SUV, Why You Should Buy an SUV, Days of a Domestic Dad

Comfortable Seating 

Most SUVs come with comfortable seating, which can help drivers get into a quality position to not only see the road above but also identify hazards from a distance. The vehicle type allows you to see way ahead of what a normal sedan or hatchback would allow you to see. This unique perspective of the road can come in helpful when you are particularly driving in the dark or are taking your car through treacherous turns and bends. 

Competitive Pricing 

The increase in popularity of SUVs across the globe and in the Australian market in specific has led to the rise in new entrants and providers. Customers now have a number of new options, which can help beat the competition and are also available at competitive pricing. 

The mid-size class segment can now drive around quality SUVs at a decent rate without compromising on the price or the features on offer. The premium feels and the high-quality drive of these options plays a significant role in determining user trust. 

Good Ground Clearance

When you are looking for a new vehicle, it is important to consider all of the different factors that make each one unique. One of the most important aspects of any car is how well it handles on the road. SUVs have become increasingly popular in recent years because they offer excellent ground clearance. This is perfect for those who want to take their car off-road or through rough terrain with their ozzytyres. With good ground clearance, you can rest assured, knowing that your car can handle anything that comes it’s way.

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SUVs are becoming more popular with the passing day. If you are confused between an SUV or any other vehicle make or option, we will definitely recommend you to go for an SUV because of the family friendly features and general usability.

Why You Should Buy an SUV, Why You Should Buy an SUV, Days of a Domestic Dad