A goatee is a facial hair that connects the chin beard to the mustache. In the past, goatee was mostly associated with Billy Goat beards. As a result, men who embraced that style were thus referred to as ‘goatee’.

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Who is the Goatee Suitable for?

Some people look awkward when they shave in a certain way. This is because our faces have different shapes, and one should, therefore, choose a style that complements the face.

If you are a man with a diamond or heart-shaped face, you should consider adopting goatee as your new style. This is because these shapes have narrow chins- goatee style, therefore, broadens the chin, thus balancing the face.

How to Grow Your Goatee

The first step is leaving your beards to grow for at least four weeks. During this stage, you should trim to reduce the chance of these beards from shrinking. However, before you begin the trimming process, ensure that you have selected the goatee style that suits you best. Once you have shaped it, your only mandate will be proper maintenance.

goatee, How to Manage Your Goatee Beard, Days of a Domestic Dad

How to Manage Goatee Style of Beard

Here are some of the tips for having the perfect goatee.

  • Know-how and when to trim

Trimming is essential for an individual who wants a well-groomed goatee. One should, therefore, invest in a quality trimmer. Moreover, every man should find the right technique to carry out the pruning.

A regular trim is crucial as it maintains the original shape that one has chosen. However, you do not have to trim it so often since you would practice a daily rubdown with a comb or beard brush, thus ensuring they grow towards a downward direction.

goatee, How to Manage Your Goatee Beard, Days of a Domestic Dad
  • Wash it regularly

Washing your beard is essential, especially during the early stages of growth. This is because skin cells and trapped food on the pores may lead to itchiness. However, men should know that washing is not only important for clearing pores but also for the skin underneath.

Washing and conditioning the beard should be a crucial duty for every man. The skin ought to be scrubbed several times a week by using a gentle cleanser. Moreover, avoid drying with overzealous towels as they cause frizz and split ends.

Besides using a hair shampoo, remember to apply conditioner on your goatee since it acts as a protective coat that prevents the strands from breaking easily.

  • Brush it

It would be best if you always kept your beards free from tangling by brushing it daily. A brush also helps in spreading the natural face oils, thus keeping the goatee healthy.

  • Use beard oil

The use of beard oil can be quite tricky as some are heavy, whereas others are shiny. The good news is that you don’t have to try them all until you get the perfect product for you, just look at the Jericho Beard Oil range.

  • Fuel up

The same way you need to eat food supplements for better health, your goatee requires the same kind of treatment. Your healthy strands are made from proteins and fat. In addition to that, they also heavily rely on vitamins such as B9 and B5.

Natural Beard Treatment

As a result, you need these foods in your plate; egg yolks, milk, leafy greens, lean meat, nuts, and other protein dishes.

How to trim your goatee beard
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  • Disinfect it

It is common for your goatee to get pretty gross; food, sneezing and sweating. This means while washing it, you should take an extra measure of applying antibacterial beard balm as it helps in killing microscopic germs and bacteria.

  • Use a styling balm

The styling balm is not only vital for your hair’s growth but also helps in styling it. The balms are given the marshmallow consistency to ensure that once they are applied on the goatee, they give volume without weight.

The best way to use it is by applying when the hair is slightly damp, and use a little heat to distribute the heat evenly.

Growing a goatee is a personal choice made by men, depending on one’s shape of the face and preference. Although the hard work comes in shaping and growing the goatee, men should also spend ample time in maintaining it. This could be through proper diets, styling products, regular washes, and brushing.

Moreover, one can use beard oil to stimulate the growth of an even thicker goatee.

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