Taking care of your beard is a way to ensure that you always look good. Cleanliness around the beard area is vital. Failure to maintain tidiness may breed bacteria and dirt, causing skin issues.

Beard Care Routine

It’s essential to do it routinely instead of waiting until it becomes messy, so you take action. Regularly taking care of your beard leaves it smelling nice and always looking fuller and healthier. With that in mind, consider the following six steps for a fulfilling beard care routine:


Skin cells die continuously and accumulate on the skin. Combined with the usual oils you apply on the beard, it results in a thin layer of dirt on the beard skin. Exfoliation aims at scrubbing off this mucky film.

You can use a rubble bristle scrub, which is easy on your skin and prevents irritation. Move the brush in a slow circular motion, covering every inch of your beard skin. The resulting unclogged skin can take in oils and nourish the beard.


The next step is cleaning your mane. Typically, dirt, sweat, and other germs may accumulate under your beard. Failure to remove them regularly may cause itching, acne, or other skin conditions. For the best results, you should use premium face wash or beard shampoo. These products are specially formulated to prevent dry skin. Using body shampoo isn’t advisable because it may over-dry your mane and possibly amplify itching or dandruff. The recommended minimum is two to three times weekly.

Prepare some lukewarm water and add one to two teaspoonfuls of shampoo. Hot water may not be a good choice because it may dry your skin, causing dandruff. Rub your beard gently with the soapy solution using your fingers and palm. Do this for about three minutes, then rinse it with warm water.

Beard Care Routine Supplies

Then, gently pat your facial hair dry. Avoid rubbing the towel vigorously, lest you damage the hair strands. Better still, allow your beard to dry naturally under the sun’s heat. You can take a quick bask outside if time is on your side.

Another option is to blow-dry it. For this, set the temperature to mild because extreme heat will damage the strands, potentially pulling them off the follicles.


Beard conditioner helps boost its feel, look, and manageability. Brands like Jericho offer products that can help you maintain a healthy beard. It does this by reducing the friction between hair strands, making it easy to comb your beard. An entangled beard may make brushing an absolute nightmare. And as you struggle to comb it, you can mechanically damage the strands by breaking them off or pulling them from the follicles. A way out of all this mess is conditioning your beard.

Once you rinse off the shampoo, apply the conditioner and keep it intact for a few minutes. Most beard conditioners comprise an oil base that soaks up the hair strands. Besides, they have additional fats, vitamins, and natural oils to nourish the beard. Both store-bought and homemade conditioners are effective; choose according to your preferences.


Although beneficial, washing removes some natural oils from your beard. Thus, it helps to oil your beard to make it healthy, attractive, and manageable. Beard oil typically contains a lightweight carrier oil mixed with a few essential oils, imitating the natural oils produced by the skin. Some are mildly scented, while others are plain, so choose according to your taste.

Pour a few drops on your palm and gently pat the beard. There’s no hard rule on how much oil to use. Of course, thicker beards will require more oil than short ones. The best time to oil your beard is right after cleaning it because the pores are open. Oiling before or long after washing may not be effective, as the pores may be clogged with sweat.

Trim And Shape

Considering the care you extend to your beard, it’s essential to exercise extreme caution when trimming it. You wouldn’t want to destroy it unknowingly and have to start growing it all over again.

Notably, clippers can cut off your beard with one wrong move. Thus, you may want to use scissors for the trimming job. Still, be careful with the scissors to ensure you don’t cut off a large chunk of hair accidentally.  

Shaping your beard is likewise essential. Specific beard balm help to configure your beard into your desired style. Use a suitable beard brush to help with the shaping phase.


Growing a beard takes time and effort, and it’s only wise to take good care of it. A neatly groomed beard revamps your looks, making you attractive. It also keeps you healthy. So, create a straightforward beard care routine and stick to it. Remember to use high-quality products for the best results.

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