Maybe you are a city person, and you love the sights and sounds of the city. You may love the city which doesn’t sleep, but you surely would want to fall asleep in a comfortable environment at your apartment. Let me show you how to make a studio apartment look bigger.

fashionable spacious apartment with stylish design

How to Make Your Apartment Look Bigger

Cities are expensive to stay at, and you would find that most apartments are crammed up and small. Most bachelors or students prefer to stay in studio apartments because they are easy on the pocket! 

However, that doesn’t mean you have to slack on your design front. If you live in a studio apartment, yes, it is another ball game. It is tough to find privacy due to the lack of space, and decorating your area according to your wants and aesthetics can seem a little overwhelming. If that seems a little mouthful, imagine how tough organizing properly can be! 

But thankfully, the organizational and cosmetic issues above can be handled in a proper manner. We will give you a few tips and tricks, and you will be out and about to bring these tactics to life. Just make sure to have a little creativity up your sleeve, and you can wash away all the problems you face when living in a cramped-up studio apartment. 

Bye Bye Clutter 

Cleaning isn’t just for the springtime! 

The simplest way to save space in a small studio apartment is to clean it often. It will help you declutter and get rid of things you don’t need any longer. The less stuff you have will make your apartment look bigger! So start by eliminating unneeded things before diving into the layout and style of your flat.

fashionable spacious livingroom apartment with stylish design

Say Yes to Light

Open up the space of your apartment; it is the easiest way to bring in light that can give an illusion of a bigger space. The more open and airy your apartment is, the less suffocating it will feel. 

Now you might want a reading nook or a living space to sit and relax. Again, you can take the help of shelving. Shelving can effectively divide the bedroom from the living area while allowing ample light to flood the whole space.

Keep it UP!?

When space is less, the best way is to – stack things. Keep an eye out for higher ceilings and storage solutions that may serve as an organizing tool and a workplace!

For example, if you are getting a work desk, make sure it has shelving above for your books or decor pieces. Not only does it work as an organizational space, but adding decor items like frames or plants can amp it up.

Moreover, arranging furniture against the wallbeds prevents it from becoming a stumbling block and frees up more space.

If you’re ready to go outside the box, there are many storage choices available to you. So if you are looking for ways to make the most of your studio apartment’s limited space, maintain as much open floor area as feasible! 

fashionable spacious bedroom apartment with stylish design

Maximize the Mirrors

Think mirrors when it comes to the ability to improve a tiny studio. This is because the more reflecting surfaces you have in your area, the larger it will appear. Reflective surfaces provide the impression of a larger and more spacious space.

Mirrors will expand your small studio apartment, whether it’s to add spaciousness to your bedroom or to open up a crowded living room.

Also, you cannot deny the beauty of mirrors. You can go for long full-frame mirrors for bedrooms or go for decorative centerpieces like sunburst mirrors. 

No More Storage Dilemma 

If you don’t know where to stack up against your next book or your favorite dress, you sure have a storage problem. If there’s one thing that all studio dwellers struggle with, it’s finding adequate storage space.

Choose multi-purpose pieces that serve double duty, from bed frames with built-in storage to benches and ottomans that open up. Also, make sure your bed has enough space beneath it to keep off-season clothing or bedding items. 

Tips to Make Your Apartment Look Bigger

Studio living is great since it’s low-maintenance, inexpensive, and makes decorating a breeze. However, the organization needs to be taken care of, and this guide will help you maximize the space in your studio apartment like never before.