Venison may be a lesser-eaten meat, but it is one of the most delicious. It’s versatile and has a unique taste that makes it perfect for a wide range of dishes.

, How to Hunt and Cook Venison, Days of a Domestic Dad

If you’re a keen hunter, you might wish to try and hunt your own venison to add to your home-cooked meals. Finding and killing your own venison is a great way to practice your hunting skills and will ensure you get the freshest cuts of meat.

Below, we have covered some top tips for hunting and cooking your own venison. You can find lots of great recipes online that incorporate venison meat, including venison stew, which you can find a recipe for by clicking here.

Top Tips for Hunting Venison

Here are some helpful strategies for successfully hunting deer to obtain venison meat.

Learn about common deer behaviour

Deer behaves in unique ways and understanding more about their patterns of movement and reactions is key for being able to hunt them more effectively. It enables you to identify where deer are most likely to live, feed, and sleep so you can find them easily.

Choose the right season for hunting

You’ll need to make sure you hunt at the right time and during the right season of the year if you are to find plenty of venison. Generally, the best time to hunt deer is in the early morning when they are most active.

Aim to hunt when the weather is overcast, and there is a slight wind, as deer tend to be active in cooler temperatures.

Ensure you’re well camouflaged

When hunting deer, you must wear appropriate clothing that camouflages you and minimises the chance of being spotted by the deer you’re hinting at before you can successfully take them down.

If you’re hunting in a forest, wear dark green and brown hunting gear to blend in with the trees around you.

Top Tips for Cooking Venison

Once you have successfully caught your bringing, it’s to cook it! Here are some top tips for cooking venison.

Ageing your venison

Ageing venison meat can take anywhere from a couple of days to a few weeks. The length of time you age your meat will influence its flavour, texture, and tenderness once cooked.

The longer you leave your venison meat to age, the more tender it will be due to the enzymes in the meat breaking down more of the muscle fibres. A more tender cut of meat will cut more easily and taste delicious in your dishes, whether you’re cooking outdoors on a barbeque or indoors with your family.

Marinating your venison

Venison marinates well. It absorbs the various flavours of the sauces, herbs, and spices you use, creating a flavoursome meat that enhances any dish. Consider making your own marinade mix at home using various ingredients like oil, spices, and herbs, or buy a pre-made mix from the store if you prefer.

, How to Hunt and Cook Venison, Days of a Domestic Dad