Van-lovers of the world unite! It’s time to celebrate our favorite multi-purpose vehicles.

Whether you’re talking about a classic hippie bus or a shiny new Sprinter, vans are reliable, spacious, and capable movers of people and things alike. 

customize cargo van for travel

Here are five reasons why we think vans are some of the best cars for transporting goods, and some features that you should consider when finding a deal on a new van.


Vans are the most customizable car, which means that you can make it your own. You can also add features that will make it more efficient, safer and more comfortable. For example:

  • You can install heaters in your van to keep things warm.
  • You can add a refrigerator in your van.
  • You can add extra seat belts for passengers or cargo if necessary.

Regardless of which features you want, if it can exist in a regular car you can get it in a van too. Plus there are far more options in a van for added extras that cars don’t have.


A van is a vehicle that can carry a wide range of cargo, from heavy and bulky items to light and small ones. 

It allows you to transport goods with ease, regardless of their size, shape, or weight.

When you drive a van, you need not worry about your cargo getting damaged during transportation because the vehicle has been built to carry large amounts of goods safely and securely.

Plus, the fact that vans are designed to accommodate various types of freight means they’re flexible enough to handle any kind of load that might be thrown at them on any given day!

Ample Space

Space is a crucial factor when it comes to choosing a vehicle for transporting goods. The more space you have, the more you can fit. 

Space is important for other things too, like transporting people, or even people and goods at once. Therefore, the ideal van will have ample space for all of these needs.

The amount of cargo room in vans varies widely depending on the model and year. In general though, most vans have between 1.75 m – 2.36 m of interior height as well as 1 m of headroom under their rooflines.

This means they’re tall enough to accommodate most standard crates or boxes without having to break them down first! 

And because most are built with side sliding doors rather than swing-out ones, there’s also plenty of room around those doors for extra items like luggage racks for trips out into nature with friends or family members.

Adequate Towing Power

Towing power is an important feature for vans, as not all vans are created equal. Some have inadequate towing power and cannot carry the weight of the cargo you need loaded into it. 

Make sure you choose one that can haul loads behind it as well as in it, just in case you run out of cargo space in the van and require a trailer as well.

Modern Technology

These days, it seems like nearly every vehicle comes with some form of modern technology. 

From air conditioning to heating, electronic stability control (ESC) and electronic brakeforce distribution (EBD), electronic differential locks (EDL) and parking assistance features like automatic reversing sensors or 360-degree cameras for parallel parking.

In the last decade or so we’ve also seen the rise of autonomous emergency braking (AEB). This feature automatically activates when it senses an impending collision with another vehicle or pedestrian in front of you. 

Similarly, lane departure warning and lane keeping assistance are designed to help prevent your car from veering onto the wrong side of the road by using sensors that detect if your vehicle is drifting into an adjacent lane.

With all these advanced systems included as standard across most vans on sale today, they’re ideal vehicles for transporting goods safely because they can keep themselves out of trouble while their drivers focus on more important tasks.


No matter what your business, if you need to transport goods that won’t fit inside a sedan or SUV, vans offer the best solution. 

They’re customizable, versatile, and spacious enough for carrying just about anything you might need — and with so many manufacturers offering hybrid options, you can even save money at the pump while doing it.

I hope that this introduction to vans has been helpful in convincing you of their value when it comes to transporting goods.

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