Buying a new car is always a hefty affair. It takes months of research, driving lessons, driving license, and arrangement of funds. And if after going through all these steps, you find yourself replacing it within a few years, what good is it, yes?

Extend Your Car’s Life.

Extend Your Car’s Life

This is why you must take the below-mentioned measures to make sure your pricey possession completes its due course with you. Also, how to dump your old car is a question you must know the answer to if you’re replacing an old one. So, let’s start. 

Tips for your car’s long life

1. Engine Care 

This is the heart of your car. It doesn’t matter how much you take care of the exterior, if your car’s engine is not getting the care it deserves, you will soon find your car parked in your backyard – permanently.

Make sure to use good quality engine oil and while doing so, it’s important to know the correct grade. This information is available in your car’s instruction manual. Thus check it before buying engine oil. 

2. Check those belts 

As important as it is to oil your engine regularly, it’s equally imperative to make sure that your car’s timing belt, as well as the drive belt, are in good shape. If these belts are not replaced in time, it may cause permanent damage to your engine which may not be repairable. 

3. Keep a tab on those tires

Before a trip, especially a long trip, it is of utmost importance to check your car’s tyre pressure. If the pressure isn’t correct, it leads to higher depreciation of the tyres. That said, incorrect air pressure can lead to accidents on the road. 

4. Cover & Cleanse 

Make it a point to keep your car covered, every day. When it’s resting in your garage, it should be covered to protect it from dust, water, mud, etc.

Also, make it a habit to clean your car at regular intervals. Just like a clean body is a healthy body, a regular wash is the sign of a well-maintained car. 

5. Servicing 

Do you get timely health check-ups? We’re hoping you do. Likewise, we hope you get your car’s AC, gear, steering wheel, etc. serviced regularly. It helps in increasing the working of your car while decreasing the chances of breakdowns. 

What to do with my old car? 

No matter how good you are at taking care of your four-wheeler, there comes a time when the car loses its usability, owing to time and daily wear & tear. That’s when a good car wrecking company comes into the picture. 

You might be owning a sedan or a hatchback or even a mini-truck, at the time of disposing of it, we hope you think responsibly for the planet while being logical enough to get the best value out of your junk car. 

There are many good Ford as well as Toyota wreckers Wellington, Auckland, and other NZ cities are home to (as these are the most common cars running on our roads). 

These companies inspect your car and then give you the best advice as to whether to go for wrecking services or sell it for cash to them.

Either case, you will land yourself a good deal while helping our already overworked planet. 

And if you’re wondering why we stress so much about getting your car dismantled by these professional car wreckers instead of suggesting you hammer it down yourself is because a professional will be able to recycle your car to its full extent – recycling is the trend we all must follow now. Right?


Take good care of your car with the tips stated above to get the maximum out of it and when the time comes for you to bid farewell, choose the right way by hiring a car wrecking company to handle the dismantling.

Save money, save time and as you go on, save the Earth!

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