There comes a time in everyone’s life when it’s time to wave goodbye to a beloved car, but it can be hard to know when. If your motor has served you well for the past five or ten years, you could be wondering if it’s time for an upgrade.

, Signs it’s Time to Buy a New Car, Days of a Domestic Dad

This blog will help you to make that difficult decision by listing some of the most common signs that your car should be swapped out for a newer model.

Increases in insurance

A sure sign that your car is becoming too old is an increase in comprehensive insurance costs. As your car ages, it’s more likely to have problems than a newer vehicle, resulting in your insurance provider charging you more for being out on the road. Depending on how much your costs increase, it could be cheaper to buy a new car and enjoy lower insurance payments on a monthly basis. Consider your financial situation and compare your current insurance costs with that of a newer car, you could be surprised by how much you’d be saving.

More breakdowns

One of the biggest red flags indicating that your car needs replacing is more and more breakdowns, especially if your car used to be reliable. Not only do breakdowns put you and other road users at risk, but they also end up costing a lot of money over time. Eventually, it will end up costing you more to keep your old car running than buy a new one, so try not to leave your hunt for a new vehicle until the last minute.

, Signs it’s Time to Buy a New Car, Days of a Domestic Dad

Poor fuel efficiency

Over time, your car might seem to use more fuel than it did at the beginning of its life. This could be due to faults in your fuel pump or even just poor fuel efficiency. Investing in a new vehicle will allow you to travel further without having to spend quite as much at the gas station, just make your car dealer knows you want to find a car that’s as fuel-efficient as possible.

Changes in lifestyle

Even if your car is running well and isn’t particularly old, it could be time to upgrade if your life has changed significantly since you bought it. Lifestyle changes that could call for a new car include having a bigger or smaller family, driving longer distances to work, or taking up a new hobby like camping or mountain biking that requires a larger boot. Don’t struggle with your current car if it doesn’t suit your needs, instead look into trading it in to get a better deal on your next motor.

Buying a new car is never easy, but it is an exciting time in your life. Once you’ve decided that you and your old motor need to part ways, you can get started on finding your future perfect match. Whether you decide to buy a similar vehicle or go for something bigger or faster, research your options carefully to make sure you’re getting the best deal.