There are many jobs around the house that require various types of tools and equipment. Most of these tools are things we already have lying around, a screwdriver or a wrench, a drill or a staple gun, even the occasional saw. Of course, many people also have lawnmowers and other lawn care equipment and perhaps things like chainsaws, tillers and tractors.

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Rent Equipment

There is a great deal that can be done with that equipment alone, but there are many projects that will require something much bigger and with far different capabilities. This kind of equipment is the kind of thing that very few people are able or willing to own so, in this case, it is far better to rent the equipment temporarily, use it and then return it. 


If you are thinking of doing any large scale landscaping projects, you will likely want to consider construction equipment rental to help you out. You can rent heavy machinery like backhoes and dozers to move earth and dirt exponentially faster than you could without it. If you are building additions on your home or putting in a pool or basketball court, you’ll need land that has been flattened and graded and these are things you could never do with just a shovel and garden rake. Rental equipment will help you get the job done in days or even hours and ensure that it is done well. An important consideration when using rental equipment is the cost estimate, so be sure to get an accurate cost esitimate beforehand.

Working With Concrete Or Asphalt 

If you want to redo your driveway, pour a sidewalk or anything else that uses concrete or asphalt, you will need something more than the tools in your garage. If you have anything to take up, like an old driveway that needs to be removed, then you will need a breaker to break it up into smaller pieces that can be moved. You will also need things that can flatten the area, pour the concrete or asphalt sealers and smooth them out afterward. This type of equipment is big and bulky and really has no use beyond projects similar to this, it certainly is not something that you will be using on a daily basis. It is also incredibly expensive to purchase, so there are many reasons that it is in your best interest to rent this kind of equipment.

Working On Sewers Or Water Lines

There are many things that most people would prefer to hire a professional for and working on sewer and water lines in certainly among them. However, for those with the proper knowledge and experience, fixing these issues themselves is likely the far better option. It saves money and gets the job done more quickly. But even those with the ability to do this kind of work aren’t going to have the equipment unless it’s a part of their job and even then they are highly unlikely to actually own it. 

While renting heavy equipment can be a wonderful thing, it’s important to never do so unless you have the proper knowledge, experience and skills. And you should never attempt a large-scale home project without professional assistance unless you know exactly what you’re doing.