Designing and decorating your child’s room can feel like a struggle. On one hand, you want to create a room that’s adorable, welcoming, and safe for your little one. On the other hand, you want the space to be functional and practical so it can adapt as your child grows.

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Redesigning a Kids Room

A kid’s room provides your child with a place to lay their weary heads after endless hours of play. It also serves as a playroom, study room, and sanctuary.

Designing a kid-friendly room requires that you balance style and function. With platforms like Houzz and Instagram, you can find design inspiration that will transform any space and wow your little ones. It doesn’t have to be a struggle. That said, here are five practical tips that will help you make a kid-friendly room.

Redesigning a Kids Room – Get Your Children Involved

Involving your little ones in designing their room might be the best decision you ever make. Why wouldn’t you want to harness the amazing qualities in your kids—creative expression, imagination, and curiosity? You want to make sure your child feels at home in the space you’re creating for them since this is where they’ll be spending most of their time.

Find out what they want or desire to see in their room. This will make it easy for you to tailor the space to your child. For example, if your child aspires to become an artist, include a place where they can display their creations. Be open to their suggestions and ideas. Then take time to conceptualize how you’ll design the room.

Ultimately, you want to create a room where your child can express their playfulness, creativity, and personality. The better your little one feels about the room, the more likely they’ll take good care of the redesigned space in the long run.

Redesigning a Kids Room

Make Room for Play

When it comes to creating spaces for the little ones, simple equals flexibility. Keep things simple when selecting furniture for your kids’ room. The furniture should be movable so as not to hinder them from being active, and should be kept to a minimum. Give the room a less serious tone with some colorful artwork on the walls.

Kids love to play and have fun. Make sure you get it right on this one. For example, you could use chalkboard paint to paint across part of a wall. This will provide an easy-to-clean, indestructible surface that will encourage your child’s creativity. An easy-to-update art gallery will also inspire their creativity as they’ll have a place to display their wonderful creations.

Provide plenty of open floor space and incorporate a play corner for your kids. A built-in rock climbing wall would be a great option as well. 

Create a Work Station

While your little ones can work from the kitchen table, floor, or their beds, providing a designated workspace can help limit distractions when studying. Many schools across the country have transitioned to remote learning in response to COVID-19. A workstation for kids is more important today than ever. Remote learning has become the “new normal” and will continue even after the current global pandemic ends.

Creating a workstation for your child will promote focus, incorporate structure, and sustain routine in their life. This will contribute to their physical and mental development while helping them develop independence and organizational skills. You’ll also be keeping them busy.

If you already bought an ordinary desk for your child, then transform it into an extraordinary workspace where he or she can study and do homework. Your kid will definitely love his or her new workspace. 

Add a Secluded Nook

Everyone loves to get away from their busy lives and have some quality alone time. Children are not an exception. They love tents and secret “condoned” areas where they can have a quiet moment by themselves with their favorite book or invite a friend. In your Redesigning a Kids Room Add in some breezy curtains and decorative bookshelves.

By incorporating a reading nook in your kids’ room, you’ve created a cozy space where your little one can get away from time to time. Watch your kids fall in love with reading as they explore the world of books from this highly imaginative room.

Don’t Forget About Storage

From their toys, backpacks, and games to their school supplies, kids tend to gather a lot of stuff. What happens when they don’t have a place to store all their belongings? You end up with clutter in their room and risk yourself a tripping hazard.

The key to a clean and organized kids’ room is good storage. Incorporating plenty of low-maintenance storage could help solve this problem. Consider using enclosed and stashable storage like under the bed storage crates, an ottoman, and baskets. Those will easily conceal clutter and keep your kids’ room organized with minimal effort. Other great options include wall-hugging book rails, fabric-covered storage bins, hooks, kid-friendly storage jars, and furniture with built-in storage.

Whatever storage options you choose, make sure they are functional, practical, and provide a dose of fun when your Redesigning a Kids Room.