What’s your ideal date? Lately, it seems as though people are going for choices that are odd, adventurous, and unique. Still, there’s something to be said for the classics.

, Best Movies For a Date Night in 2023, Days of a Domestic Dad

No matter what, going to the movies will always be a solid choice for a great date. All you have to do is choose an awesome movie to watch together.

But, how do I choose a great movie date? That’s a great question! That depends on your tastes, and what your date likes too! Here are some great suggestions along with a few tips on making going to the movies a truly amazing experience.

Date Movies You Have to Catch in 2023

Let’s get started! These are just a few great movies you can enjoy on a date in 2023. Some of these you can catch in the theater. Others are ideal for a cozy night at home.

One True Loves

She’s a travel writer who spends years grieving the husband she lost in a plane crash. Finally she finds love and begins planning her future. That’s when she hears from her long lost husband who is not lost and certainly not dead. Now, she must figure out what to do. This engaging romance is sure to be a hit on your next date. You may be able to catch it in theaters, and you can definitely find it streaming.

Irish Wish

Lindsay Lohan is back, and we’re giddy about it. In this Netflix production she portrays a lonely single preparing to watch her friend marry the man of her dreams in a beautiful Irish ceremony. Lohan’s character wishes for true love. When she wakes up, she is the bride-to-be. Will this make her truly happy? You and your date can find out together!

Super Mario Brothers Movie

This movie has star appeal and it’s based on one of the most beloved video game franchises there is. This is sure to be a fun watch whether you catch it in theaters or wait for it to come out on digital.

Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba – To the Swordsmith Village

Anime fans have been going absolutely mad over this movie. So much so that it’s landed among the five top-grossing animated films of 2023. That’s because it has managed to appeal to audiences beyond your typical anime fan. This one has an engaging storyline, and killer music. Check it out!


If you like a bit of comedy mixed with your horror, this is sure to be a great date movie. M3GAN is a lifelike AI doll that is marketed as a child’s best friend. Predictably, she turns out to be a nightmare for parents.


Yes, it’s a pandemic themed horror movie, but it’s also very well done. The acting is great. The writing is witty and relevant. The creativity here is simply amazing. Put this one on your list to see before the end of the year, and enjoy it with a date who appreciates a scary movie with some smarts.

Dungeons And Dragons: Honor Among Thieves

If your date is into DND, they’re going to love this movie. If they aren’t, they’ll still have a great time. Ultimately, this is a star-studded action move, and that’s going to appeal to just about everybody.

The Mothership

This is a sci-fi drama with wide appeal. That makes it the perfect date. In this movie, Halle Berry stars as a woman whose husband mysteriously disappears from their family’s farm. Mourning her loss, she finds something beneath her home that’s clearly not of this world. Armed with this new evidence she and her kids set out to save her husband and everybody else.

Making a Movie Date Memorable

Let’s be honest. This list of movies could reach into the hundreds. There are so many exciting movies that have or will come out in 2023. There’s no doubt, you’ll find something that both of you will love. Now, for some tips on making a basic movie date really special.

Try a Private Viewing

Imagine watching a movie in a private viewing, just you and your date. You could also arrange for a fun group date night at the movies. Many movie theaters are struggling and want to find ways to increase revenue. So, they offer private viewings for very reasonable prices. The only catch is that you may need to go during off-peak hours.

Check Out a Boutique Theater

Movie theaters have experienced a revival of sorts. You’ve probably noticed that the major chains have upped their game with comfy chairs and high end food. Have you checked out the smaller chains or independently owned theaters?

Imagine watching a movie while you’re served a multi-course meal that’s been created to align with your viewing experience. What about a double or triple feature of old-school science fiction movies or slasher films? Some theaters are even adopting the pop-up concept to show movies in the trendiest neighborhoods or as part of other events.

Go to The Drive In

Yes, these still exist. Although, they can be difficult to find. Still, if there’s one in your area, make a plan to check it out. If you download an app to meet women, be sure you mention your love for these blasts from the past in your profile. That’s sure to help you connect with another film aficionado.

, Best Movies For a Date Night in 2023, Days of a Domestic Dad