If you’re committed to buying a motorcycle in 2023, the following is a guide that can help you make some of the key decisions along the way for an informed purchase whether you’re looking for 2023 Harley Davidson motorcycle, you want a used bike, or you want something on the sportier side.

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Choose the Right Motorcyle Style

There are many types of motorcycles, so before you start shopping for one in 2023, you need to narrow down and figure out which is right for your needs.

Examples of some of the more popular types of bikes include:

  • Street bikes: These are popular with beginner riders, and they easily let you get around town, go on short trips, or you can use them for commuting. Most street bikes have a low center of weight and comfortable seat position, so they’re pretty easy to handle. These bikes are also inexpensive and not too hard to maintain.
  • Cruisers: These motorcycles make good first bikes as the street bike does. These are good for quick trips and mostly for riding on the road. They’re comfortable and easy to handle.
  • Sport: A sport bike isn’t great for beginners because they have a seating position that’s forward-leaning, and they’re very sensitive and powerful at the same time. If you like speed and style, as well as the ability to lean into corners, you might consider a sport bike.
  • Electric motorcycles: Increasingly popular are electric motorcycles. They’re battery-powered with benefits, including the fact that they’re inexpensive to maintain, environmentally friendly, and fuel efficient.
  • Naked: The naked bike is also called a standard bike, and it’s simple and versatile. These bikes have an upright body position, and naked bikes share a lot in common with sport bikes.
  • Choppers: If you want a stylish, iconic, and classic look, maybe you think about a chopper. Choppers aren’t easy to ride, which you’ll have to keep in mind. They’re challenging in corners, and they have limited rear suspension.
  • Touring: These are sportier alternatives to the cruiser, and they’re designed for long rides. They boast smooth handling, luggage storage, and an upright body position.

Used vs. New

Once you have an idea of the style of motorcycle you want, you have to start thinking about whether you want one that’s new or used.

The benefits of buying new include:

  • You’re getting a bike that hasn’t been altered, so it’s like a blank canvas. You’ll also be buying something that has the newest technology and safety features. Nothing’s going to be faulty or damaged, so it can give you peace of mind, especially if you’re a new rider.
  • New motorcycles often come with a warranty.
  • The overall maintenance costs are going to be lower in almost every instance when you go with a new bike rather than a used one.

The downside of buying new is that it’s going to be expensive. If you’re a beginning rider, you might not want to put so much money into it yet.

The benefits of buying a used bike include the following:

  • You can get the best possible price. If you’re a beginner, it tends to be smarter to go with a lower-cost used option until you have a better idea of what riding is going to be like for you, what you like and don’t like, and whether you’re going to continue riding motorcycles for the foreseeable future.
  • A used motorcycle can be the only way you find a model that’s no longer in production if you want a vintage bike.
  • Used motorcycles tend to hold their value better in the face of depreciation, so if you sell them, eventually, you won’t lose as much money.

The biggest downside of buying used is the element of unpredictability that can come with doing so. There may be neglected mechanical issues that carry over from the last owner, and you might not have the protection and peace of mind of a warranty if you buy from a private seller.

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Dealer vs. Private Seller

The next major decision you’ll have to figure out if you’re buying a motorcycle in 2023 is whether you’re going through a dealer or a private seller.

If you go to a dealer, some of the benefits include:

  • You can do test rides. Most dealers don’t mind if you want to take a bike out for a minute and make sure it feels comfortable for you. With a private seller, this gets more difficult, and some might not let you do it at all.
  • Dealerships can be an enjoyable experience. It’s relaxing to browse and just wander around and look at bikes and start to get a feel for the one you want. You can sit on bikes and see how that feels, move them side to side and just generally be around them. Private sellers probably aren’t going to have as much patience for these sorts of things.
  • When you buy through a dealership, it gives you the opportunity to build a relationship if you want to. If you like the dealer you work with and you need help with anything in the future, you have someone you can go to. Dealerships are a way to get support. Dealerships also tend to organize things like bike nights and other events so you can get to know people who ride.
  • If you buy from a private seller, there’s always the chance there’s going to be a problem. The bike might actually be in bad shape or have bad paperwork, for example. Someone selling you the bike could also rip you off.
  • Purchasing from a dealership can save you time because everything is right there, so you can browse, you know the condition is what you think it is, and you can save time on the registration process.

If this is the year you own a motorcycle, the above tips can help you get started and point you in the right direction for your needs and interests.

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