Men’s fashion offers limited options, and styling is even trickier once you are over a certain age. The forties are the most challenging years from a look-good perspective. Pulling off trendy styles may not be possible as your body changes.

While fashion choices are subjective, you may follow some tips to dress your best. Here is the best fashion advice for dads over forty.

Fashion Advice For Dads

At the same time, you must avoid fifty-plus fashion because it can make you appear too old. You must choose your sartorial options wisely as a dad because your kids expect you to look handsome.

While fashion choices are subjective, you may follow some tips to dress your best. Here is the best fashion advice for dads over forty.

Consider your current shape and size

Like women, men also experience physical changes over the years. You may not be in your twenty-something shape once you step into middle age. Some weight gain is natural, specifically around your belly area.

You may also have less muscle as fitness is seldom a top priority for busy dads. Take a realistic approach and consider your current shape and size instead of fitting into slim-fit styles. Avoid wearing large sizes because they add to the bulk. Choose the right fits to feel easy and confident.

Prioritize neutral palettes

The forty-plus dressing should be classy and sophisticated. Although you may carry patterns or prints on some occasions, neutral palettes are the best options. Stock up on shades like black, navy, dark grey, olive green, and white.

Opt for traditional patterns such as Breton stripes, pinstripes, plaids, and micro-dots. Steer clear of wild prints unless you are on a tropical holiday with your kids.

Invest in a versatile wardrobe

A versatile wardrobe is key to styling like a cool dad for all occasions. Of course, you must have a chic professional wardrobe to impress clients and bosses. But invest in enough casual items like t-shirts, shorts, and track pants.

Remember to pick cargo pants for men because you can wear them on family outings and work meetings. Everything boils down to styling them occasion-wise. Also, invest in versatile accessories to create impressive ensembles.

Avoid over-branding

Maturity comes effortlessly with aging, and it should show in your dressing sense as a daddy over forty. Over-branding is the last thing you should do because it indicates a desperate attempt to look cool.

If you love brands, opt for clothing with subtle logos. Skip ones that get attention with statement-brand words or icons because most of it will be for the wrong reasons. Luxury should be visible in the quality of fabric and craftsmanship.

Seek inspiration

Daddy dressing can be overwhelming for men over forty, but you can get plenty of inspiration from celeb styles. Check dad stars like Brad Pitt and David Beckham to learn to dress to impress.

Pitt aces power dressing, and Beckham is great at casual styling. Look for a celeb who shares your age bracket and body type to seek inspiration, but avoid blatantly copying them.

Additionally, mastering basic grooming skills, such as knowing how to properly iron a men’s dress shirt, is essential. This guide provides step-by-step instructions to ensure your dress shirts are crisply ironed, adding to your overall polished look.

Daddy dressing is easier than you imagine, provided you do it wisely and without going over the top. Focus on comfort and confidence, and pick clothing that covers you on both fronts.

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