The vaping community is used to reading sensationalist news headlines about new studies and theories by medical experts about the dangers of vaping.

A Person in Blue and White Jacket Holding a Vape

While e-cigarette industry leaders have yet to make the claim that vaping is healthy or even free of any side effects, they have pointed to studies about the health benefits of switching from traditional cigarettes to vapes.  

The Study

The ongoing debate about vaping has recently expanded to include possible dermatological harm as well. This is the result of a new study claiming a link between e-cigarette use and atopic dermatitis (a type of eczema) in kids. The study showed that children exposed to second-hand e-cigarette smoke (from their vaping parents) or who had prenatal exposure to vaping (by pregnant mothers who vape) are at a higher risk of developing atopic dermatitis. While one study about a link between vaping and eczema in children may not be the “smoking gun” many anti-vaping, tobacco haters have been waiting for, it’s definitely another reason to cite when making their case that all tobacco and vaping products should be banned. 

The POV of the Vaping Community

The truth is, you’d be hard-pressed to find anyone who would encourage non-smokers to pick up vaping as a habit. It’s a tool that helps people transition away from the more harmful and dangerous traditional cigarettes. Some people use vapes as a stepping stone to being 100% tobacco-free, and some continue vaping for the rest of their lives, knowing full well they’d be better off without vapes, but are willing to give up the habit they love, as the drawback and health consequences are not as dramatic as with traditional cigarettes

We caught up with, Paul Hunt, Director at V2 Electronic Cigarettes UK, to get his view on the matter. “There are numerous activities that one needs to stop doing when getting pregnant. Vaping is one of them, and that should surprise no one,” said Hunt. “The fact that a slightly higher percentage of kids exposed to vaping end up with a skin condition is not some major discovery.” 

To put this in perspective, there are many slightly harmful activities that women normally engage in which they need to stop when they get pregnant. These include alcohol consumption, eating foods that tend to have harmful bacteria, drinking too much coffee, sitting in hot tubs, and contact sports, to name just a few

That does not mean people should steer clear of them normally. Everyone has some habits that come with some possible risks, but as adults, we are free to decide which ones are worth the risks and which are not. However, when it comes to exposing children or fetuses to these risks, it’s a different story altogether. 

Concluding Thoughts

While the debate over the safety of vaping continues, the vaping community acknowledges that, like many adult activities, vaping carries risks that need to be managed responsibly. As the research evolves, both consumers and policymakers must stay informed and weigh the benefits and risks carefully. But rather than jumping to conclusions in an attempt to demonize the other party, we should all look at these studies honestly and within the broader context.

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