The last 20 years have brought to light a wealth of studies demonstrating the harm that smokers can do to their households and communities, not to mention their health. Smoking is a major statistical cause of death around the world — 5.4 million people are estimated to die each year due to cigarette consumption.

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However, cigarette smokers are also addicted to their habits, and it can be very difficult to leave the practice behind for good. 

In addition to starting treatment, one of the best alternatives to quit smoking is to use electronic cigarettes. A vape pen is used where there is no harmful burning of regular cigarettes.

This is why the modern shift to vaping has so much transformative potential, with more and more people searching “geek bar for sale uk”. Sure, there are some concerns around vaping but it could help change the lives of those who would otherwise subject themselves to a lifetime of cigarette toxins. In the long run, vaping could be a way to fully transition to a world where cigarettes and their dangerous health consequences could be a thing of the past.

In light of this, we’ve elected to give you a few potential reasons to help you or your loved ones decide to switch to vaping. As you’ll soon find out, there are many potential reasons to choose to make the switch,  and very little to lose by doing so.

It’s Healthier Than The Alternative

Almost everyone has seen the advertisements comparing the lungs of normal people and the lungs of chronic smokers — the chemical buildup of tar, carbon monoxide, and a smorgasbord of dangerous substances caused by smoking is invariably fatal for smokers. As such, vaping is likely to add years to smokers’ lives by cutting off their access to these chemicals. Many health agencies are therefore in support of vaping to help improve smokers’ health outcomes without forcing them to go cold turkey. 

Of course, one cannot avoid the inherently addictive nature of nicotine — nicotine dependence can be lethal and tends to result in increased health risks. Even so, nicotine itself is not considered a dangerously harmful substance. Rather, it is the burning of nicotine that causes the health problems of smoking. 

Little needs to be said on the topic of the long-term impacts of smoking, such as circulation problems, lung deposits, and potential cardiac arrest. Faced with these dismal health outcomes, anyone would be tempted to switch to a healthier alternative in vaping.

It’s a convenient way to cut nicotine from your life

Vaping is astonishingly good at helping smokers transition from full-blown smoking to stopping entirely — academic reports suggest that they can achieve twice the effect of normal methods that help smokers quit. Studies suggest that in England alone, 57 thousand people successfully weaned themselves off nicotine due to the use of electronic cigarettes. This is because vaping reproduces the sensations of smoking a cigarette, while the inhalation of the vapors produced by vaping contains fewer toxins than cigarette smoke. 

With that said, scientists have not reached a definitive consensus on the long-term effects of vapor. Even so, the local guidelines imposed in places like England to regulate the production and composition of nicotine pods will reduce the health impacts of vaping considerably, and will help people to transition into a smoke-free lifestyle more easily.

It Costs Less Than Normal Cigarettes

The financial impact of smoking is pretty obvious to smokers as well — with many governments now using financial means to reduce incentives for their citizens to smoke, cigarettes will only continue to get more expensive. However, vaping is far more affordable and easier to replenish as compared to cigarettes.

We advise discerning readers to keep track of their own countries’ tobacco taxes and to determine how much they can save through vaping from the impact of these taxes. 

It’s Healthier for your loved ones and neighbors

Secondhand smoke is just as lethal as directly inhaled smoke for smokers’ friends and loved ones. It is replete with chemicals, including those which cause cancer, and can lead to a host of health complications including diseases of the respiratory system and ear, nose and throat ailments. Nor does the danger stop there — in the long run, secondhand smoke exposure will cause an increased risk of cardiac arrest and strokes because it contains all the toxic chemicals even smokers have to breathe out.

However, this is a problem that vaping does not share. Vapor does not appear to have discernible impacts on the health of the ones exposed to it. That said, it may not be entirely safe to use, particularly around vulnerable groups like pregnant women. 

It’s enjoyable to vape

Vaping is a diverse industry, with many flavors that can help smokers slowly phase out smoking entirely. E-Liquids are available in flavors that can appeal more than the uniformly smoky and even disgusting taste of tobacco — although, for those attuned to its taste, tobacco flavors also exist.

Nicotine salts can provide an initial starting point for people trying to transition away from cigarette use. Because they offer a higher concentration of nicotine than most other liquids, they provide a potency that is not available in other flavors while protecting smokers’ throats and lungs from the acrid smoke of cigarettes. Hence, we recommend finding nicotine salts should you be looking for a gentler transition into non-smoking.

Finally, we recommend the use of shortfalls for those looking for products that can be bought in bulk — shortfalls are nearly-full bottles of e-liquid and come in a variety of flavors. Most importantly, they do not have any nicotine, allowing users to control their nicotine usage while vaping. As such, we recommend that readers use a gradual schedule to wean themselves off e-liquid with nicotine by reducing the amount of nicotine on a progressive basis. This will provide users with a gradual off-ramp that reduces their dependency while not forcing the user to go cold turkey.


Smoking takes years off your life, and it doesn’t give much enjoyment back in return. If you’re considering adding quitting smoking to your bucket list, we welcome you to try the tips we’ve identified here — it’s never too late to quit, and your loved ones and friends will thank you for it. Take the first step towards a happier, healthier, and vape-filled life today!

, Cigarettes or Vapes? A Look At The Facts, Days of a Domestic Dad