If you’re looking for a way to make your home feel more like a home, then adding indoor plants is the perfect decision. For many, the word “indoor plants” may bring to mind a few token houseplants that are often neglected and forgotten about.

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Importants of Indoor Plants to Your Home

However, there is so much more to these little green friends than meets the eye. If you want your living space to be as healthy and productive as possible, then it’s crucial to add indoor plants wherever you can.

Indoor plants have been shown to improve health in many ways. They can also help relieve stress and anxiety – which is great if you live or work in an urban area with lots of traffic noise. In this article, we will discuss how adding indoor plants to your home can offer many benefits in addition to looking good.

The very first benefit of adding an indoor plant is cleaner air. Indoor plants can clean the surrounding air by absorbing harmful toxins such as formaldehyde and volatile organic compounds (VOCs). 

In fact, NASA found that certain houseplants could remove up to 87% of these VOCs from home! Furthermore, plants absorb carbon dioxide and release oxygen into the air, which can help create a healthier environment for you and your family.

Aesthetic Appeal

Not only do plants help to clean your air, but they also add a nice aesthetic appeal. Grasses and flowers can brighten up the ambiance of any room in your home. They don’t just have to be used as an accent piece either; they make great centerpieces for dinner parties or other events you may host at home. 

Flowers are perfect when it comes to improving the look of your home. You can get different flowers depending on your taste and add them to your home. Have them delivered to your home and then see how they change the look. You can have experts like those at Bouqs plant delivery service help you to seamlessly integrate them to fit your home.

You can even go the extra mile and use real or artificial plants as a way to decorate your home. Some homeowners opt for trees in their backyard, but you could also choose small bushes that fit well with your landscaping theme.

Improved Mood and Mental Health

Indoor plants are also great for improving your overall mood. A review of multiple studies found that indoor green spaces were correlated with decreased feelings of stress, increased optimism, greater satisfaction with life, and lower cortisol levels (the stress hormone).

Having indoor plants in your home can have many benefits for you and the people around you. One important benefit is that it promotes improved mood and mental well-being. 

Humans are social creatures who rely on being surrounded by others to feel connected, loved, and cared about — so having something living present in your home can have a big effect on how you feel about yourself and others. 

Increased Productivity

It’s said that office plants can increase productivity by 15%. But what about at home? I don’t know anyone who would prefer to work in a bare room without the benefit of natural light. Even if there are windows, they may not be able to open them and turn on fans because some offices have air conditioning systems that cannot be turned off.

A study done by NASA showed that employees who had plants in their workstations experienced a 40% decrease in the amount of time needed to finish tasks. They were also more than twice as likely to have helped co-workers with assigned tasks than those working without any plant life nearby. The same effect can be achieved at home if you have plants in your home office.

Also, the color green has been shown to reduce anxiety and increase focus, so having a plant nearby can help with those symptoms.

Heightened Creativity

It’s been proven that having a plant in your home can increase creativity. Indoor plants will spark ideas and provide an inspiring environment to write in.

Additionally, the presence of plants has been shown to increase physical activity as well. With over 30% of Americans getting no exercise at all (CDC), we must find ways to be more active throughout our daily lives – not just when we’re exercising or playing sports! Plants can help us get up and move around, even if it’s just to water the plants or re-arrange their leaves.

By adding plants to your home, you’ll have a calming presence that will help reduce anxiety and depression.