It’s no secret that dads have a lot of responsibilities. Working dads, stay-at-home dads, single dads and dads, in general, have a lot on their plate including finding time to spend time with the little tikes running around! One responsibility that should never be forgotten is cleaning and organizing the home.

Jaci Cleaning in Style

Guide To A Clean Home

A clean home is important for both your physical and mental health and your children’s wellbeing. Here is a step-by-step guide on how to clean your home quickly, easily, and in the most dad-like style possible!

Start With A Plan

The first step to cleaning your home is to make a plan. This may seem like an obvious one but it’s important to know what you’re going to do and where you’re going to start before you start cleaning.

This will help you stay focused and on track while you’re cleaning and will make the process a lot quicker and easier.

It is recommended that you start from the top and work your way down. This means dusting ceiling fans, cleaning windows and wiping down walls before you move on to cleaning floors and surfaces.

This will help you avoid re-cleaning surfaces that you’ve already cleaned. Of course, if you have areas of your home that require more than others it would be optimal to start there.

Gather Your Supplies

Once your plan is set in motion, its time to gather all the cleaning supplies you’re going to need to make your home spick and span! Make sure you have everything you need before you start so that you don’t have to keep stopping to find things. A good cleaning kit should include:

  • All-purpose cleaner – for surfaces like countertops, tables and floors
  • Bathroom cleaner – for cleaning the tub, shower, sink and toilet
  • Window cleaner – for streak-free windows
  • Disinfectant wipes – for cleaning up spills and messes quickly
  • Sponges – for scrubbing surfaces
  • Paper towels – for cleaning up spills and dusting
  • Trash bags – for collecting trash and recycling
  • Vacuum cleaner – for cleaning carpets and upholstery

Start Cleaning In Sections

Once you have your cleaning kit ready to go, it’s time to start cleaning! It’s definitely optimal to follow your already created plan by cleaning in the sections you’ve assigned, this will help you avoid re-cleaning surfaces you’ve already wiped over once or twice. By cleaning one room at a time, or even one area at a time, you will stay focused and avoid getting overwhelmed by the cleaning process at hand.

This will also help if there are bigger items that need to be cleaned or even thrown out. If there are bigger pieces of furniture or rubbish that have aged beyond repair, services like 1300 Rubbish can assist in your rubbish removal and cleaning needs.

Don’t Forget To Wash The Laundry

There is nothing worse than rushing around the house and tripping over a stray shoe or piece of laundry that someone has left on the floor. What’s even worse? A piece of Lego, but that’s besides the point!

While you find where to put that piece of Lego, take a quick look around and see if there is any laundry that needs to be done. If there are dirty clothes lying around, toss them in the washing machine so that they can be taken care of while you finish cleaning the rest of the house.

This will save you time in the long run and will help you stay on top of the laundry. Two birds with one stone!

Finish Up By Vacuuming And Mopping

Once you’ve dusted, wiped, and scrubbed your way through each room it’s time to finish up by vacuuming and mopping all the floors. Start with vacuuming any carpets or rugs in each room and then move on to mopping any hardwood or tile floors.

This will ensure that all the dirt and dust that has been dislodged throughout the cleaning process is taken care of and won’t be tracked through the house.

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