Have you ever had one of those days where you ransacked your closet for something to wear and came up empty? Having the right wardrobe staples can prevent those ‘nothing to wear’ situations.

tween apparel, 7 Essential Pieces Every Tween Needs in Their Closet, Days of a Domestic Dad

From classic white tees to flattering blouses, these closet essentials will make any girl feel stylish and put together.


Flannel is a soft woven fabric that feels cozy and warm. It’s often made from cotton or wool and is popular for winter clothing, pajamas, and blankets.

Plaid flannel is patterned with dyed yarns intersecting vertically and horizontally to create plaid patterns. The flannel shirts worn by grunge bands in the 1990s were probably made from this flannel type.

This thick, loose-woven fabric is easy to care for and will become softer with each wash. It’s also a good option for small-group story times at school, where kids can sort and match flannel pieces in an interactive activity that promotes early literacy skills.

Denim Jeans

Whether blue, black, or red, denim jeans are a staple for every teen. They can be dressed up or down depending on the shoes and shirt you pair them with.

The best jeans are made of high-quality fabric. They should be sturdy and fit your frame well. Like those seen at websites like janieandjack.com, they should also be trendy. Skin skinny jeans are perfect for you if you have a slim frame. A straight-leg dark wash style might work better if you have thicker thighs. Mesomorphs might have more wiggle room, but they should still choose a fitted style to avoid looking bulky.


Sweaters are a great addition to any outfit, coming in all shapes and sizes. From chunky knits made with thick, textured fiber to super soft cashmere sweaters that keep you warm and cozy.

A sweater is a garment that covers the upper body, including the shoulders, arms and neckline. It may be made from wool, cotton or synthetic fibers and can be worn over a shirt or by itself. Sweaters can be oversized or fitted with different necklines, waistlines and sleeve lengths. They can be long or short, with or without a collar, and in various colors.

Button-Up Shirt

A button-up shirt is a wardrobe staple that will keep you looking put together at school and in the real world. Whether you’re wearing a classic white button-down or a colorful one, it’s important to have at least a few in your closet for any occasion.

A crisp black or Oxford button-down will work best for formal settings with a suit jacket or blazer. For casual events, you can experiment with bolder patterns and colors or fabrics like linen.

Easy Dress

Whether it’s a mini or maxi dress, or a pretty summer or winter dress, an easy dress is essential for any teen. Having dresses that match their personality, whether a floral print or a simple black and white option, is key for having options for any occasion.

To make an easy dress, choose a fabric that is comfortable to sew and follow the pattern instructions for cutting it out. To hem, fold over about a quarter inch of fabric, press it, and straight stitch to hide the raw edge.


A pair of flats are essential for a girl, especially if she wants to look chic. Ballet flats are great for dressing up jeans and looking good with dresses. Apartments are also much more comfortable than heels, making them a must-have for teenagers.

A fitted blazer is great for teenagers as it looks great with any outfit and can make them look more professional. Go for one in a neutral color and choose a style that fits well.

A good backpack can elevate any outfit, so having one in your closet is important. Buy one from a sustainable brand that follows high social and environmental standards.


The backpack your child carries daily throughout the school year is the most important item in their wardrobe. It must be large enough to fit their books but also sleek and stylish.

Choose one that matches her fashion lewks that fits a 16-inch laptop.

Make sure she packs a water bottle to stay hydrated all day long. And include a travel pouch for her braces or aligners, flossers, and picks if needed. 

tween apparel, 7 Essential Pieces Every Tween Needs in Their Closet, Days of a Domestic Dad