Our homes are our pride and joy and if you are a homeowner, you know how important it is to look after such a big investment.

Entrance of a house - paint the front door

If you have owned your home for many years now and you feel like it is time to give some TLC to the exterior, then look no further than this article. Read below to find out how you can revitalize your home’s outer beauty and get it looking brand new again. 

Give It A New Coat Of Paint

Nothing will get your home looking fresh quickly like a new coat of paint. This is something that some neighborhoods require after five, ten, or fifteen years, so you may already have this idea on deck. If your homeowner’s association has strict rules on which colors you can choose for your paint job, try to find one that goes best with the aesthetic of your home. If you do not have color restrictions in your neighborhood, then feel free to try something new and exciting with your new coat of paint. No matter what you choose, make sure that you are always thinking about resale value and how the color will improve or decrease the value of your home. 

Get A New Roof

Have you ever driven past a home and the first thing you notice is the emaciated state of the roof? No one thinks it is going to happen to them until one day you look at your roof and there are several shingles missing. This is something you have to stay vigilant about, especially if you live somewhere that has severe weather and lots of wind. If you start to see some wear and tear on your own roof, be on the lookout for a roofing firm that has a good local reputation and that uses durable materials. A good roof should last many years, but if you have had the same one for a while and it is looking worn down, it is time to replace it. 

Hire A Landscaper

The yard surrounding the house is just as important as the house itself in terms of outward appearance. If your lawn is overgrown and you do not have any landscaping to speak of, the value of your house will go down. The best thing you can do to get a kick start on revitalizing the outside of your house is to hire a landscaper who can create a vision for your front yard. From flower beds to shrubbery, they will know just what to do to make the out outside of your home beautiful. Hiring a landscaper also means that their team will come by for regular trimmings lawn mowing so that you don’t have to worry about the upkeep.

Update The Windows

In houses that are more than ten years old, windows start to get grimy or a bit worn down around the frame. If your house was built with standard cookie-cutter windows that have not stood the test of time, think about investing in new windows and window frames or at least deep cleaning and repainting the frames to make the outside look fresh. If you are repainting the whole house, consider choosing a bold new color for the window frames and maybe even adding aesthetic shutters to pull the whole look together. Many suburban houses have these shutters because they make the exterior of the home look more rustic. 

Replace Hardware

Old or outdated hardware on the doors leading to the exterior of the house should be replaced if you are giving your house a facelift. If you get everything else done and leave the old hardware, it may look strange, so make sure you pick out new designs that align with your new aesthetic. This also applies to old porches or balconies that may have been weathered over the years. Consider replacing old wood frames with new ones or changing them to metal or another durable material. 

Add Outdoor Decorations

As a finishing touch after you are done with the major projects, add a little flare to your front door to bring some personality to the space. A wreath for every season is a great way to keep things fresh as well as a personalized sign at the end of your porch or walkway that has an engraving of your house number signs or family name. 

Revitalizing your home’s exterior takes a lot more and a lot of different moving parts, but once it is finished, you will be satisfied in knowing that you have improved your home for years to come. Keep these ideas on hand if you need some home revitalization advice.