A deck creates an absolute connection between your home indoors and outdoors, offering an inviting and comfortable space where you and your family can relax, play games, and create amazing memories.

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It also adds value to your home by maximizing the return on investment (ROI).

While some homes can’t support a big wooden structure, outdoor living never seems complete without a deck. That’s where a multi-level deck comes in handy. These decks are increasingly becoming popular across the world, thanks to their curb appeal and useful benefits. Here are several benefits of a multi-level deck design.

  1. Offers an awesome view

Taking a view outside from a window, even a larger one, may be limiting. A multi-level deck provides an exciting feeling of watching the view as well as being part of it. You can watch the sun rise and set from this vantage point or even host amazing viewing parties if fireworks are allowed in your area.

Of course, you will be a few stories up from the ground, so make sure the base of your deck is durable, and railings are properly installed. An experienced deck builder can ensure your deck’s foundation is strong, its structure is sound, and that stairs and railings are secure.

  1. Provides more distinct areas

A standard deck may feel crowded after some time. You may have a dining space, grilling area, and a corner with comfortable chairs around a fire pit, but all in one place. A single-level deck might also not be enough for a big party with guests swarming your lawn.

With a multi-level deck, each level has its particular function and purpose. For instance, you can use the first level as a dining or grilling area. Much like an outdoor living space, you can use the second level as an entertaining area, where guests can enjoy more intimate conversations.

You can use the level above for soaking in a hot tub or gazing at the soothing frames of a fire pit. A multi-level deck splits zones for specific activities, so each area feels separate when the levels are just down one or two steps.

  1. Doesn’t require leveling

Installing a deck in your home can be challenging, especially if the ground is uneven. You would usually need to pay someone to level the land before the actual work begins.

A multi-level deck doesn’t need leveling, and it’s easy to blend it with your natural landscape, especially if you use adjustable deck supports. Just ensure to pick deck boards that match evenly with your backyard but still complement other exterior design components of your home.   

  1.  Adds visual interest to your home

Although a standard deck can add an instant focal point in your outdoor space, a multi-level one offers far more. A multi-level deck comes with more features, including stairs, railing, and even window boxes where you can add summer plants. Unlike a single-level deck, you can customize each level’s design by making them either wavy or curved, adding more visual interest.


Regardless of how you use your outdoors, a multi-level deck adds more useful space and outdoor living options. However, without proper planning, your deck may diverge from your home’s wider exterior, making it look like an afterthought. Consider hiring a professional builder to help with your multi-level deck design plans and installation.

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