Saving money on utility bills requires proactive measures. Sustainability and energy conservation go hand in hand, and these two will contribute significantly to your efforts to keep utility bills at a minimum. Unfortunately, many households fall short of these conscientious measures, leading to skyrocketing bills.

Air conditioning on the wall above the sofa cushions.

The average monthly cost of a home’s utility bill is $429.33, but this figure can be reduced, even marginally. However, these poor habits can prevent you from attaining this feat.

Closing air vents

People tend to close their air vents, thinking it is a logical way to save on heating and cooling costs. On the contrary, it is a counterproductive habit. The science behind it makes closing your air vents bad news for your monthly utility bills. HVAC systems are designed to distribute heated or cooled air in the home, and it does this with the help of air vents.

Therefore, closing them places extra pressure on your home’s HVAC system. According to research, closing the air vents does more than build pressure in the closed-off section. Instead, it causes expansion, which results in tiny tears and breaks, eventually damaging the system.

Before damage is detected, however, the breaks within the HVAC system will leak air and consume more energy. Closing your air vents can have dire consequences on your home’s energy consumption, and your pocket wouldn’t be happy about that.

Failing to clean or replace hot tub filters

The hot tub is a welcome idea after a day of work and stress. However, hot tubs require regular maintenance to ensure optimal performance. Maintenance, in this sense, is more than the superficial cleaning of your hot tub. Now is the time to understand the mechanics behind your hot tub. They are fitted with filters to trap debris, contaminants, and bacteria.

Anytime you or anyone else uses the tub, a lot of residue is left behind. That is usually in the form of washed-off lotion, hair, skin cells, and anything else that slides off the body. With the help of these filters, the water is kept clean. However, debris accumulates at some point, and the filter can no longer handle the buildup. At this stage, the water circulation system must work harder to maintain the temperature in your hot tub.

Logically, that consumes more energy; before you know it, you’re paying increased utility bills. That is when you need professional hot tub cleaning services, and the filter will be given attention. Professional cleaners will access the filter and decide if replacement or intense cleaning is required.

Remember that a clean hot tub filter puts less stress on your home’s energy consumption.

Ignoring water heater settings and the insulation around the pipes

Do you set your water heater to higher than necessary temperatures? It is a significant contributor to your high utility bills. You may be happy with your scalding water in chilly weather, but it may eventually make a significant dent in your finances.

The recommended setting for your water heater thermostat is 120℉ or 49℃, ideal for taking a shower or using the dishwasher. While concentrating on the heater settings, you should also be concerned about the insulation around the surrounding pipes.

Even when you stick to the recommended settings, poor insulation makes you lose more heat than necessary. In other words, your home produces heat that isn’t accounted for and even worse, the leakage causes the tank to overwork. 

Your actions and inactions will significantly affect how much you pay for utilities. So, be mindful of these bad habits, and you will notice a huge difference in your finances.

, 3 Bad Habits That Increase Your Utility Bills, Days of a Domestic Dad