Any bathroom remodeling, renovation, or layout redesign can be a big project. It’s always going to be big because it requires evaluating what best suits the room and what fits with the aesthetic you want to give it.

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There are many practical ideas for bathrooms to share, each suiting different lifestyles and personalities.

Here are some simple tips for making your bathroom functional and stylish.


Without doing much else than removing old tiles and wallpaper and repainting what you can, you can completely alter the feel of your bathroom. Give it new life. Don’t be afraid to go with a bold light/dark colour palette, either.

Limited Space

Your bathroom does not need endless inches of square footage. If it’s small, lean into it. Keep a simple bare-bones layout. Work with what’s there and have your tub, toilet, and small vanity. Give it style.

Bathtubs for Seniors

Make it easy to get into and out of your bathtub. Walk in tubs for seniors are inexpensive, can be easily cleaned, provide independence, and make your bathroom more relaxing. Avoid falls and accidents. Even with limited mobility, a walk-in tub will help you stay clean daily.

Wall Sconces

To add style to your lighting, use wall sconces. Even in a small bathroom, these will add style to the space.

Pendant Lights Over Sconces

Don’t have wall space for sconces? Drop pendant lights from the ceiling for an equally impressive effect.

Use Vintage Fixtures

To save money, we recommend using second-hand or repurposed vintage fixtures for a bathroom. Make sure they don’t look too worn or mismatched.

When In Doubt, Choose Tile

Tiles are durable, water-resistant, and scratch-resistant. They don’t cost a lot and are timeless. Tiles are also easy to maintain.

Coordinate Walls to Floor

You may tile your entire bathroom floor to ceiling. Make sure what’s on the walls matches what’s on the floor. Even if they are not the same tile or pattern, try to have some matching quality or visual relationship there.

Create an Accent Wall By Your Shower

Go for an accent wall by your shower or tub, especially if the bathroom is colorless. Accent walls can be painted differently, tiled, adorned with murals, or incorporate a collection of features to draw attention.

Get a Vanity with Lots of Storage

Install a vanity with lots of drawers and cabinets to store your bathroom products and accessories. You won’t want many of these left out on your countertop.

Recessed Medicine Cabinet

A classic recessed medicine cabinet is the best place to put things you want private, such as medications. If your bathroom is small and lacks other storage options, a medicine cabinet will always work, especially if it has an existing hole.

Install One or More Open Shelves

Open shelves are not bulky, making them the perfect spot to store bathroom decor and other items. If wall-mounted shelving or over-the-toilet storage shelving is more suitable for the layout, try that.

Use the Vertical Above the Toilet

Even if you don’t use the area above the toilet for storage, try to put something there. Artwork, wall art, wallpaper, or architectural decor. This space is often underutilized in bathrooms.

Storage for Towels

A nice clean storage rack that can hold some folded towels is another way to add luxury to your bathroom while simultaneously having functional value.

Multi-Tier Storage Organizers

A multi-tier organizer for inside your tub or on a vanity provides more space for items such as soaps, shampoo and conditioner, sponges, and washcloths.

Use Wood for Warmth

Stained, sealed wood is an excellent material to use in your bathroom. It’s practical, stylish, and aesthetically adaptable.

Stylish Glass Jars

Glass is a premium material that is easy to clean, moisture-resistant, and works well in bathrooms. Glass jars with lids are simple, classic, and offer clean organization potential for all sorts of materials and items.

Black Frames

Frameworks have become a popular trend in bathroom design in recent years. Black frames around shower enclosures, mirrors, and flat-panel lighting are all choices to add vividness, boldness, and style.

Try Roman Shades

For windows not suited to curtains, opt for premium-grade Roman shades. They’re an excellent way to filter light without taking up much space.

Put In Some Greenery

Plants, flowers, and greenery add life to any space. Find a plant that’s the right size and shape, and add it to your bathroom for some all-natural zest!

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