After welcoming a new member into your family, there are just so many things to take care of early on. It is natural for parents to be overwhelmed with the modernization and the high-tech world we live in. But never fear!

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Essential Things Your Baby Needs

You can absolutely take care of your newborn or infant without going overboard with stuff they don’t need. There are only a few essential things your baby needs for those first years.

Feeding Chair

This is one of the most important things you can get for your baby! You will find that there are many options to choose from, but keep in mind that your baby needs to be able to sit up comfortably.

Make sure it’s easy to clean and has no loose buttons or removable parts, which could present a choking hazard. They come in all shapes and sizes, so be sure to find one that fits your personal style. One of the all-time favorite features for this piece recommended by the experts from Little Lou Baby are those with a removable tray with a slightly reclined back that helps with feeding your baby.

When you’re done, just remove the tray, and it’s back in its upright position!

A Place For Your Baby To Sleep

Yes, they can technically sleep with you for the first few months, but you know what they say about keeping your baby close to you; it’s not always possible. You need something safe and secure. For most parents, the best option would be a crib mattress on the floor of their room or some sort of bassinet that hangs over their bed.  This way, you are right next to your baby at all times.

You can also opt for something more convenient if you have a spare room where the baby will be spending most of its time. It is best to choose something that does not include wheels as it is easy to knock over and damage your infant. 

Comforting Baby Gear 

Some of us can’t help being a little bit nosy, so it’s natural to want to peep into your baby’s crib or bassinet from time to time. In doing this, you may notice that your baby prefers the dark and quiet. To do this, most parents use a white noise machine which creates a sound similar to what they heard in the womb. This is very comforting for them and helps them sleep better at night – it also prevents SIDS! Another option is a wearable blanket with holes for arms and legs that is cozy enough for outside use during warmer months – but make sure it’s thin enough not to overheat the baby.

Baby Car Seat 

This goes without saying, but a quality car seat that fits your vehicle type is very important! This will be where your child spends much of their time during those early years.

Make sure it’s easy to install, provide adequate protection for your child, and be comfortable enough that it doesn’t irritate them during travel. For newborns under 7 pounds, you can buy special carriers which fit into your car seat.

Also,  once your child outgrows their infant seat it’s time to get them a convertible seat which can rear-face for infants under 20 lbs or inches, and forward face for kids over 2 years old OR who are at least 20 lbs. 

Baby Carrier 

This is probably the best way to carry your baby around without breaking your back! There are many different types of carriers that you may want to try out until you find the one that suits not only you but also your little one too.

Many parents opt for an all-in-one baby carrier with the option of front-facing in as well as backward-facing which is great when they need some tummy time!

Other popular options are slings where the baby rests closer to your body with little to no surrounding fabric, and structured carriers similar to a backpack which can be worn facing in or out. Always make sure the baby has their legs supported inside your carrier as this will prevent any hip dysplasia from occurring.

Baby Bathtub

You can bathe your child in the sink or tub, but there are many benefits to using a baby bathtub. This is where you will likely spend your time during those early months, so it’s nice to have one that isn’t cumbersome and even comes with a sling for extra support when nursing.

Some tubs come with an option of adding a removable seat insert for babies that can sit up unassisted or larger ones that offer more room for them to grow into. As well as different seating choices, there are also specific products out there made especially for washing their hair and face.

Make sure any purchase you make helps keep the baby safe and comfortable while making your job easier.

Having the right products can make this major transition for you and your baby a little easier, so it’s worth doing your research before committing to any purchases. We all know every child and their needs are different but these six items will surely come in handy for many parents.