The winter months seem to drag on endlessly, keeping everyone locked in their homes for much longer than they’d like. Just because you are cooped up inside during the winter doesn’t mean you need to forgo your home improvement plans. 

Attic thermal insulation

In fact, the winter is one of the best times to start a home improvement project.  Builders and contractors tend to be less busy in the fall and winter and building materials and labor are much cheaper.  In addition, starting your home improvement projects in the winter will give you a jump on annual spring maintenance and upgrades. 

If you are planning to sell your home in the spring, starting with your home improvement projects in the winter is especially beneficial as it will improve your chances of listing and selling quickly.   

Insulate, insulate, insulate

No, insulation is not the most exciting project to begin but it is one of the most beneficial.  Homes that are insulated reduce airflow by approximately 25% and save an average of 11% on total energy costs.  In addition, homes that are well insulated are likely to have a higher value at the time of sale. Start by having an energy audit of your home. When that is finished, if it shows you are in need of insulation, hire a professional to assist you.  Attic insulation is extremely beneficial to reducing heat loss.  You should also have your pipes in the basement wrapped in insulation to keep them from freezing or bursting in extreme cold.  Finally, have your doors and windows checked for signs of drafts. If any are found have the areas caulked or have weatherstripping put in place.  

Remove dying or dead trees

If the area where you live doesn’t have a thick layer of snow coating the ground, then you may want to take care of some of the dead or dying trees on your property.  Tree companies are very busy in the late spring and summer which means you may have trouble getting an appointment. Utilize the downtime in the winter to have your trees trimmed or removed. The colder ground will make tree removal easier and will allow nearby vegetation to remain in place with less disruption.  

Update your laundry room

If your laundry room has become more of a cluttered mess these days, it might be time for an update. To make a cluttered laundry room more functional, add shelves, hanging racks, and bings for laundry baskets and detergent. 

You can add a countertop over your washer and dryer as well for extra folding and storage space. Aside from small updates you can really upgrade your laundry room with a new energy efficient washer and dryer.  Energy efficient appliances are very popular among home buyers and can help you sell your home even with the real estate market slow down.  Appliances usually go on sale in January which will make the project more cost effective.  

Put in a new bathroom vanity

The bathroom vanity gets quite a bit of use on a daily basis but is often overlooked as a home improvement. Remove an old vanity and replace it with one of equal size to avoid excess construction.  Vanities that are beige, ivory, taupe, black, or shades of gray or white are among the most popular.  Remember to keep your vanity style the same as your bathroom, unless you are considering an entire bathroom remodel in the near future.  

DIY Project cost

Paint the walls

Regardless of what furniture styles, countertop design, or hardware finish is in style, freshly painted walls will always be one of the most important improvements you make to your home.  According to over 90% of real estate agents, freshly painted neutral colored walls are the most popular among home buyers.  Think beige, off-white, muted greens, and light grays.  These colors provide a blank canvas and a fresh inviting feel in a home.  Choose a neutral color to use in the popular rooms of the house.  Then choose a contrasting color for molding that will differentiate the rooms and accent flooring or furniture.  

Whether you live in a climate that has exceeding cold winters or one that is more mild, you can take the time this season to improve your home.  Doing so now, will make preparing to sell in the spring much easier and will lead to a faster selling time and higher sale price.

, 5 Home Improvement Ideas for Winter, Days of a Domestic Dad