There are about 6700 children younger than 1 year in the United States who lose their lives each year due to accidents—most of which could be prevented if safety was kept in mind.

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Your Infant’s Safety

Sometimes injuries happen because parents aren’t aware of what their kids can do. Kids learn fast, and before you know it, your child will be wiggling off the furniture or reaching for the hot coffee.

Infant Safety While Bathing

When bathing an infant, it is important to keep them safe and prevent any accidents.

The most common accident is when the baby slips from the parent’s arms and falls into the tub. This can be prevented by placing a towel or blanket over the bathtub, as well as using a high-quality baby bath seat.

Some parents also find it helpful to have an adult nearby who can help with the bath routine, such as holding the baby while they bathe and drying them off after.

Infant Safety Around Toys

  • You’ve probably heard the common saying ” inspect your child’s toys often.” This statement is generally true because things do not hold up well when put in the mouth. Holes, small parts, and sharp edges are all possible sources of danger for a child and you can avoid these by taking a moment to see what safety precautions your child’s toy comes with or check online
  • There are many different types of toy boxes, but combining them with other storage materials, like shoe boxes or baskets, for instance, places certain restrictions on what goes where.
  • Be cautious when using balloons, because they may cause injuries, choking, or suffocation.

Infant’s Safety in a Car

Road safety for infants is one of the most discussed topics when it comes to their overall well-being. Road safety has many verticals to it but probably the one with the most awareness about it would be the baby car seat. Technology has helped car seats today become ultra-safe and comfortable for the child. Car seats like nuna revv can be easily converted to a front-facing seat from a rear-facing one as your child grows up. It is important that the car seat is placed properly in the seat of your car and there should be no sharp or rough edges on the seat itself. Buying a quality seat is a must for your little one’s safety.

Infant Safety at Home

  • It is imperative that parents make sure their child is safe when they are in the house. This can be done by making sure that the child’s room is always locked and there are no sharp objects close by.
  • It is important to teach children about safety before they start exploring around the house. Also helps if you teach them how to lock themselves in their room, so they can stay safe during sleepovers or when their parents are away from home.

  • It is also important to teach children about stranger danger and how to identify a trustworthy person.

Infant safety is something that is discussed among all parents. It is a huge concern for everyone and is surely a hot topic right before and after childbirth.

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