The appeal of edibles lies in their distinct advantages, which make them the second most consumed product in Canada. Edibles present unique benefits not found in other forms of cannabis products.

Finding the Right High Dose Edibles For You

For those considering delving into the realm of cannabis edibles, this guide aims to provide helpful tips for exploring High Dose Edibles—a Canadian brand designed for both recreational and medical purposes.

Key Takeaways:

  • High Dose stands out as a brand renowned for its diverse range of edible options, particularly emphasizing its exceptional high-THC gummies.
  • The optimal gummy flavor and dosage are necessary to influence an individual’s overall experience.
  • Edibles containing elevated levels of THC cater to recreational and medical marijuana customers.

What is High Dose Brand?

High Dose is a distinctive Canadian cannabis company driven by the commitment to deliver a diverse array of finely crafted cannabis-infused offerings. The brand ensures a satisfying experience for every customer it serves.

High Dose offers a varied range of options to fulfill the demands of both medical and recreational users. Their gummies stand out as the most favored product in their lineup in their product selection.

The brand crafted its products with the utmost care and the finest ingredients. Going beyond the remarkable potency and robust flavor that define its offerings, the brand takes pride in its status as a 100% Canadian company.

High Dose Gummies

Cannabis gummies are the most popular weed edible. These delectable treats mirror the familiar appearance and variety of traditional gummies, which boast a range of shapes and flavors.

High Dose presents a diverse array of gummy options, with particular attention to their highly sought-after products distinguished by elevated THC content. THC, the active component in cannabis responsible for inducing the characteristic high, takes center stage in these offerings.

The following discussion will provide insights on navigating through High Dose’s product offerings.

Choosing an Edible That’s Right For You

What Flavour You Prefer?

High Dose’s potent edibles come in 6 interesting flavours.

  • Strawberry
  • Blackberry
  • Blue Raspberry
  • Cherry
  • Tangerine
  • Tropical Punch

Choosing a flavour might seem minor when buying edibles, but do not overlook its importance. The chosen flavour can influence an individual’s overall experience and level of interest in the product. 

Consider this scenario: opting for a flavour that doesn’t align with your preferences could taint your perception of the product. Consequently, one might erroneously attribute dissatisfaction to the product itself when, in reality, the only contributing factor is the chosen flavour.

Choose Your Dosage

This brand remains authentic to its identity by consistently providing edibles with elevated THC levels. The assortment of gummies spans from 500 to 1500. Each of these dosages has unique effects.

500 mgChallenges in coordination and perception
Elevation in heart rate
Very high and euphoric
1000 mgStrong psychoactive effects
Overlapping sensation
1500 mgHigh-intensity experience
Difficult time focusing
Everything is moving faster

The dosage selection of High Dose products is for individuals with a higher THC tolerance. Individuals who are new to cannabis or have a lower THC tolerance must refrain from utilizing this dosage level.


Selecting the right price plays a role in finding an edible that aligns with your preferences. Edible prices depend on the THC content they contain. It’s worth noting that products with higher THC levels tend to come with a higher price tag, as opposed to those with a standard 500 mg THC concentration. Consider your budget and desired experience when navigating the various options available.

For example,

High Dose – Tangerine – 1000/1500mg THC

1000 mg$40
1500 mg$58

What to Expect in a Pack of a High Dose Gummy?

Infused with a potent THC content, users have the flexibility to either consume it in its entirety or portion it for a more relaxed encounter.

This product caters to individuals seeking the full spectrum of THC benefits while minimizing the risk of adverse reactions. The formulation incorporates all-natural ingredients, including glucose syrup, sucrose, distilled water, gelatin, citric acid, MCT oil, and carnauba wax, complemented by natural flavours for a well-rounded and enjoyable experience.

How THC Edibles Work?

Upon ingestion, cannabis edibles embark on a journey through the digestive system, where the liver and stomach collaborate in breaking them down for assimilation. Throughout this digestive metamorphosis, THC undergoes a transformation into a distinct compound known as 11-Hydroxy-Metabolite, or 11-OH-THC.

While 11-OH-THC retains its THC identity, its chemical structure differs to enhance its ability to traverse the blood-brain barrier. This structural modification optimizes the compound’s efficacy in delivering its effects.

THC Edibles Onset

The experience of consuming edibles unfolds over 30 minutes to two hours and reaches its peak intensity approximately four hours after ingestion. 

The duration and strength depend on

  • Individual weight
  • Gender
  • Daily food intake
  • Overall health
  • Prior encounters with cannabis

Diversity exists among edibles, with some crafted for a faster onset. Look for product labels featuring terms like “fast-acting” or “quick-onset.” Such formulations incorporate nanoemulsions to facilitate swifter absorption of active ingredients by the body. Effects may manifest in a shorter timeframe, potentially within 10 minutes.

How Long Does the Effects of High THC last?

The effects can last three to ten hours. According to a meta-analysis conducted by a team led by USYD nutritionist Danielle McCartney, oral consumption of high doses of THC may result in impairment lasting up to 10 hours. 

When smoking or vaping low THC while engaging in simpler tasks, the duration of the impairment is around four hours. In cases of inhaling high doses of THC, especially during activities like driving or other complex tasks, the impairment may extend to six or seven hours. 


High Dose stands as a well-regarded brand in Canada, recognized for providing premium cannabis edibles. Its diverse range of potent gummies caters to both recreational and medical marijuana users to ensure a satisfying experience. Discover the art of selecting the ideal edible to tailor your cannabis journey and ensure a safe and enjoyable way to savour the desired effects.

Frequently Asked Section

Who can benefit from using High Dose cannabis treats?

Potent cannabis edibles boast remarkably elevated levels of THC. THC possesses the potential to induce a psychoactive experience that alters perception. Not everyone favours these effects, so high THC concentrations are more suitable for seasoned cannabis enthusiasts engaged in recreational use or individuals seeking relief through medical marijuana.

While the allure of high THC content is apparent for recreational users, its significance for medical marijuana patients is equally noteworthy. Elevated levels of THC can prove beneficial for patients grappling with pain. It can produce quick effects and long-lasting high for prolonged relief from pain.

How to prepare yourself when consuming high-THC edibles?

  1. Read the packaging to understand the amount per edible. Consume what you are used to, or you may increase your dosage in small increments.
  2. Be patient when waiting for the effects. Not everyone responds to high-THC edibles the same way.
  3. Prior to indulging, take a moment to assess your recent dietary intake and fluid consumption. Maximizing the effectiveness of your edible experience may be attained by consuming it on an empty stomach to promote a prompt onset of effects.
  4. Handling larger doses involves being in the comfort of one’s home and surrounded by familiar companions. Having a trusted friend or partner by your side, particularly during initial experiences, is a prudent choice.

At what THC dosage does it qualify as a high dose?

The term “high dose/ strong edibles” lacks an official definition, and individual reactions can vary significantly. While some individuals may experience pronounced effects with doses as minimal as 20mg, those seeking potent edibles possess a higher THC tolerance. Most online dispensaries categorize edibles as “strong” when each serving exceeds 200mg.

What happens if you eat too many THC edibles?

  1. Sounds become more pronounced, and colours take on a heightened vibrancy. 
  2. Feelings of anxiety and paranoia may manifest. The once-familiar surroundings that once felt comforting may now appear daunting and unsettling. 
  3. Time may seem to elongate and transform minutes into extended hours. 
  4. Observable physical changes might include an elevated heart rate, dry mouth, and dizziness. 
  5. Some individuals may also encounter symptoms such as nausea or a temporary loss of coordination.
  6. Excessive intake of edibles can induce a sedative effect, further emphasizing the need for moderation in consumption.
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