The number of CBD products available to users is currently staggering. There are commonly known ones in the form of tinctures, oils, and edibles. Then on visits to, you find concentrates, live resins, and the like.

What are CBD concentrates? They are products with high levels of cannabidiol surpassing normal levels found in the plants. They are produced through a specialized process that enhances CBD levels. Users get a high dosage of the cannabinoid, with the effects taking a relatively shorter time to register.

Types of CBD Concentrates

As you may well know, many products are on the market. The variety seen with some of its favorite products also applies to these products. The distinction between varieties has to do with the composition of active ingredients. The distinctions in concentrates and active ingredients allow users to pick from the kind that suits their needs. We have listed below the three main types of CBD concentrates.


The only active ingredient in the isolate is purely CBD. All the other ingredients in the derived compound are isolated through a high-pressure chromatography process. The hemp plant extract may contain high amounts of cannabinoids, but the presence of other ingredients makes it less potent. Through the process named above, CBD is isolated and is the only active ingredient remaining. This results in a highly potent composition that is 99% pure CBD.

Full Spectrum CBD

Full-spectrum products are similar to full-spectrum weed products. In addition to CBD, they have other active ingredients. Some of them include terpenes, THC, essential oils, and more. One may also include CBN – an ingredient that has unique properties. Some of the best CBN products are used to induce sleep. This works best for those with insomnia.

Most of the full spectrum concentrates come in varying terpenes and essential oils.

The refining of the hemp plant extract is minimal, resulting in a full array of elements. The CBD levels are more dominant as compared to the other elements. In some cases, the THC may be high enough to induce a high feeling, but they are usually below 0.3% for the most part.

Broad Spectrum CBD

Similar to the full spectrum variety, their broad-spectrum CBD counterparts have more than one active ingredient. They contain terpenes and essential oils as originally extracted from the plant. The only distinction comes with the availability of THC. Unlike the full spectrum kind, these do not contain any amounts of psychotropic cannabinoid. Any trace amounts are less than 0.3% or even non-existent.

Forms of Concentrates

The expected variety of CBD concentrates does not disappoint. Extraction processes have facilitated the concentrates to be present in different varieties. The most common extraction processes are either through Butane or CO2, which gives most forms a similar consistency. The compound can be found in various forms, from powders to sticky toffee-looking elements. Here are the most common ones you can find;


CBD powder, as the name alludes, concentrates in powder form. It is normally made from CBD isolate and takes on a white color. Use of the powder only involves taking a small amount at a time. It can be added to foods, drinks, or taken purely.

Considering that the powder is highly potent, it is always better to start with small amounts. Depending on the form, you can get different flavors of powders, from berry to citrus, strawberry, and more. You can also get the full spectrum or broad-spectrum variety.


CBD crumble is yet another less powdery type of concentrate with a stickier texture. The sticky texture is not as sticky and gooey as honey, even though it is also known as a honeycomb. It has a more brittle texture and is less viscous. The texture of this concentrate makes it easy to use and handle, as scooping it is not hard as others.


Like the name, shatters are a form of concentrate that breaks down when heated. They are sold as clear or amber shards, which look like glass. At the slightest increase in temperature, they shatter into small pieces. Once the heat increases, the shards melt and become a gooey honey-looking substance. Shatters have a high amount of CBD concentration, making them ideal for everyday use.


This is a form of wax CBD concentrate that resembles butter. The compound is made from oils and moisture, heated at high temperatures, and whipped to remove the solvent. This whipping results in a fluffier consistency that is also creamy. Budder can be used on its own or added to other concentrated substances. As with the others, it contains high levels of CBD, which is very potent.

Live Resin

Live resins are another form of concentrate. They are available in broad and full spectrum variations. Making these live resins involves flash-freezing hemp buds, making it possible for the terpenes and other cannabinoids to be preserved. Individuals who want to try concentrated full and broad-spectrum CBD in its complete flavor opt for this one. The terpenes are ultimately more present even with the final products and after a long time.


Almost similar to candle wax, CBD has a soft and oily consistency. The compound is packed with terpenes, CBD, and other elements. Typically, the wax comes in a dark color that can also be yellow. Sometimes the consistency is crumbly, and other times it is gooey like honey. Most users prefer adding it to dabbing kits due to the sticky consistency. Regardless of the same, it has a high potency which ranges between 60 and 90 per cent.

CBD Concentrates for Pain

The novelty of using CBD concentrates is that the effect is felt within a shorter period. Compared to other modes of using CBD products, this one is highly concentrated, which results in stronger effects within a much shorter time. The only residual question is, can one use CBD concentrates for pain?

CBD is used for various medicinal effects and has been proven to help with pain, anxiety, stress, and depression. With this in mind, concentrates should deliver heightened levels of the same effects. Though people claim to use concentrates for insomnia, pain, and stress relief, research is yet to confirm their viability.

Some users report a significant reduction in pain when these concentrates are ingested. The same is possible because, as mentioned, CBD concentrates deliver higher amounts of the cannabinoid within a shorter time. They can prove effective when dealing with pains such as migraines, Arthritis, and more.

The effectiveness of the concentrates against pain depends on the potency and type of products used. For instance, with a CBD Crumble, the entire packaging comes valued at, let’s say, 800mg per gram. This would mean a small amount will be enough to relieve pain. Other products, such as the shatters and budder, come with their potency.

According to the Frontier of Medicine, there are possible strides that would lead to these concentrates alleviating neuropathic as well as inflammatory pain. At the moment, the research does not exclusively point to the same, but with time the studies may prove fruitful.

CBD Concentrates Pros and Cons

Some of the benefits of concentrates include:


  • High concentration of CBD
  • Availability of a wide variety
  • Ease of use
  • Certified purity


  • Some products are highly expensive


CBD concentrates are one of the many alternatives that users have these days. They come in different types and also forms. This means that you can come across a number of products in the form of powders, shatters, budders, and more. Their increased purity makes them ideal because it takes less time to feel the effects compared to other products. They are also cost-efficient since you only need small amounts of the product for the effects to kick in fully.