There are lots of ways that you can strengthen your muscles, but one of the best ways is by training with weights. You can do this in a few different ways too, with barbells being one of the most popular.

Young male workout lifting weights

These offer you extreme versatility and enable you to utilise lots of different exercises in your routines. So, let’s take a look at some of the best barbells that you can buy online!

X Training Elite Competition Barbell

If you’re super serious about your weightlifting, then you’ll definitely want to check out the X Training Elite Competition Barbell! This brilliant piece of kit is able to handle the intense training of cross-fit to powerlifting, making it great for all kinds of lifters. The bar itself weighs 20KG and you can stack up to 230,000 PSI. Essentially, this barbell will take any weight that you need, allowing you to fully tailor your workouts. Complete with a black chrome finish, this bar is beautifully designed as well as being great for lifting heavy. So, if you want a bar that comes with a lifetime warranty, allows you to stack as heavy as you need, and looks cool at the same time, then this barbell is for you.

REP Basic Barbell

If you’re on a tight budget, then you might be worried about finding a barbell that doesn’t cost too much. Well, the REP Basic Barbell has got your back! At only a little over $100, this affordable barbell is great for anyone looking to improve their squat game. You won’t be able to do things like snatching or clean and jerk with this barbell, as it’s not designed for this type of lifting. However, it can accommodate pretty heavy lifting for things like squats. This budget bar also has a knurl in the centre of it so that you can grip it that much better when squatting. This can really help keep your form top notch as you won’t be struggling to hold it when it gets heavier. So, if you’re trying to complete your home gym, the REP Basic Barbell could fit in very nicely.  

Again Faster Team Barbell 2.0

Cross-fit has taken the fitness world by storm, and it can be extremely rewarding to get into. However, if you’re struggling to increase your max squat, then the problem could be your bar, not you. If this is the case, then you may want to check out the Again Faster Team Barbell 2.0. This bar is designed to support cross-fit lifters by proving you with different grip marks, allowing you to have control over the bar no matter what type of move you’re doing. The bar also comes in two different weights: 15KG and 20KG, so you can start from any level of fitness. So, if you’re super into your cross-fit lifting, then this bar could really help you improve your performance.

Sporzon! Standard Weightlifting Barbell

Finding a standard barbell as opposed to one that’s suitable for Olympic lifting can sometimes be quite a challenge. However, the Sporzon! Standard Weightlifting Barbell can be the solution that you’re after. On the lower end of the price scale, this barbell comes in different diameters and lengths so that you can tailor your barbell to your body and exercise space. While this barbell won’t be enough for more experienced lifters, it’s low price and design can be perfect for beginners. The bar is said to withstand up to 700 pounds, so it can definitely take a lot of weight even though it’s not for more experienced athletes. So, if you’re after something on a budget that meets your personal needs, the Sporzon! Standard Weightlifting Barbell could be right up your street.  

Rogue Ohio Power Bar

A lot of people make the move from weightlifting to competitive powerlifting, but it can be tricky to find the right equipment. However, the Rogue Ohio Power Bar aims to bridge that gap and give you all you need when making that move. This bar is a lot thicker than others, coming in at 29mm and it has a PSI of 205,000. It also doesn’t have any sort of flex in the bar itself so whatever you load onto it will feel how much it’s supposed to. This barbell is heavy duty, so it’s not really going to be for beginners. So, if you’re looking for a way to boost your lifting routine, this bar could be just the thing you need.

Having the best barbell is important when working out, as you want to ensure that you’re able to get the most out of your routine. These barbells on this list are all available to buy online and can match any budget as well. So, don’t feel as though you have to make do and treat yourself to the best barbell you can, and you’ll soon see the difference it makes to your strength. Before you know it, you’ll be lifting heavier than ever!