Byron Binkley, a dad of two and founder of the preeminent resale platform, Sella, knows the struggle of resale on traditional platforms like OfferUp and Craigslist. 

Dad side hustle selling shoes and cloths

How Does Sella Work?

Whether you have gently used kids’ gadgets or sporting goods, kitchen gadgets you’ve used once, unreturnable gifts from the holidays or birthdays, or an old iPhone that’s been replaced, Sella can help

According to Sella sales data, new, unused, in-box, with-tags items are among the most popular items resold right after the holidays. And, the sooner the better! Items lose value sitting in closets or drawers. Sella helps you give your unwanted items a new home, giving you your space back with some extra cash in your pocket! 

Sella sells your stuff for you, solving the most significant challenge people face when decluttering. By harnessing end-to-end selling services, like the power of a team of gig workers and resale experts that store and list your items for you, Sella will find the best price for what you’re selling and make stressful decluttering a thing of the past. No need to manage listings on Craigslist, or haggle with customers on Ebay – Sella handles it for you. 

Here’s how to start:

Pick ONE room to declutter, and start there. 

According to Sella Chief Closet Officer, Jordan Barnes, the biggest mistake people make when decluttering is attempting to tackle everything all at once. Pick an area in your home that you often overlook; maybe a storage closet or that dreaded corner of the playroom. Review your stuff with this criteria: Have I used it this year? Will I miss it? Is this good to donate, or sell? 

Choose what to toss and what to sell. 

If you’re not sure if a particular item is worth selling, or holds its value for resale, do a quick price check. You can search for the item on any relevant secondhand marketplace. Filter by “recently sold” and you can get a general idea of what the going rate is for your item. Keep in mind, secondhand marketplaces are not traditional retail, so prices fluctuate depending on trends, seasonality, condition, and age. (Ensuring we are on top of and leveraging these trends is a crucial part of our pricing team’s work.) 

To meet Sella standards, the item must fit in the trunk of the car, can’t be too heavy, and someone should be willing to pay at least $40 for it. If you’re local to Dallas or Portland, you can schedule a pickup day for your items or choose nationwide mail-in. 

Sell your stuff with Sella! 

Now that you’ve got your items organized and you’ve determined what you’d like to resell, head to to get a quote on your items. Schedule a pickup time for your items or choose nationwide mail-in.

Then, sit back, relax, play with your kids, and watch the money roll in! 

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