It is more common than you may think to find resale listings for DVC properties. The internet is full of information about DVCs, and it’s a good idea to know more about them if you want to sell your ownership, or purchase one.

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To fully understand the clause of the contract, continue reading this article about DVC resale listings, DVC Resale Experts, so you know exactly what you’re getting into and the benefits that work best for you.

The DVC buying process can seem overwhelming at first, but once you have learned more about the dvc buying process, it can be a smooth and rewarding experience. Once you have decided to become a member, the next step is to research and compare the various Disney Vacation Club properties available.

Consider factors such as location, size, and amenities to find the perfect fit for your vacation preferences. It’s also important to understand the financial aspects, including the initial purchase price, annual dues, and any additional costs associated with owning a DVC membership. By thoroughly educating yourself on the buying process, you can make informed decisions and ensure that your DVC ownership brings you years of magical vacations.

What Is DVC Resale Listings?

DVC resale listings are important to know the meaning of, especially if you’re looking into buying a DVC ownership, or if you want to sell one. It’s important to know all the ins and outs, as well as whether buying it is worth it.

A DVC resale listing is basically a showcase of Disney Vacation Club listings and opportunities for you to look at and purchase an estate from, listed from all of their 15 resorts. When a DVC member wants to sell their ownership, resale listings online are the places you want to go for a good deal.

This is super helpful if you want to save some money or not have to go through the full process of signing up for a DVC. you’re able to receive extra perks as well when going through a DVC resale listing, like getting a 50-point credit toward a DVC rental store vacation swap.

Other benefits can include a free DVC resale market backpack, a 15% off discount when you purchase theme park attire and other merchandise from The Lost Bros, and the ability to receive 10% off when purchasing anything Dream Planner Services related.

Is It Worth Buying DVC Resale Listing?

Whether buying the DVC resale listing is worth it is always ultimately up to you, but you should 100% consider all of the amazing benefits that come with the resale in the end. People have been able to save so much money from this tactic.

One of the main reasons that people purchase a DVC resale through listings is because of how much they’re actually able to save so much money compared to when buying it outright. If a specific DVC resort that you want to visit or be apart of is sold out completely, then DVC resales through listings is the best way to guarantee you get that stay you initially wanted.

Throughout the process youre given a stress free time when it comes to planning your future vacations, with the amazing plus, of course, you get all of the benefits you’d normally get when outright purchasing the DVC, like pool hopping, access to the firework viewing lounge, and not needing to have a room key! You get a digitalised room key through an app in your phone.

You can overall spend less money and purchase more points for the DVC, and even more so the Disney resale market is the most strongest and profitable known service in the industry, so when you’re a buyer, you have a truckload of options to pick.

The home resorts you get from the DVC resale listings feel just like home, with the extra plus of free public parking in the resort, shuttle services, parties, spacious villas, and other deluxe rewards and benefits.

Does DVC Resale Listings Negotiate?

The big question that a lot of people want the answer to is whether or not you’re able to negotiate the price of a DVC resale thats active on a listing site.

One of the best parts, other than the obvious discounts and luxury benefits the DVC resale listings have to uphold, is the fact you’re able to negotiate with a lot of the active DVC listings that are available. Prices already generally vary depending a number of different factors;

  • The agreement that you ultimately have with the owner of the initial DVC
  • What’s offered in the package you’re getting for the DVC (sometimes some things don’t always apply or the owner of it wants to keep some of the benefits)
  • Whether the owner of the package wants to negotiate with the price at all, sometimes people give them better offers than you are able
  • If it has a blue membership card ( the minimum point requirement for this is to have around 150 points)

So while yes it is possible to negotiate the prices of the listed DVC resale, but it depends on what the owner of it wants, what’s offered in the package, and how much can you contribute against other potential buyers.

Final Thoughts

Theres a lot of benefits that come with purchasing a DVC resale listing, from the discount benefits to the ability to hop around most of the pools in the resort with little to no limitations, and experience firework parties like never before.

DVC resale listings is definitely ideal for Disney lovers, especially if you plan to be visiting yearly, so you can experience the place where dreams come true in a positive light.

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