If you work hard, it stands to reason that you should play hard. Wakeboarding is something fun to do in your downtime.

Free photo wakeboarder with strong body start ride set in wake park

Wakeboarding is an activity where the rider stands on a board with foot bindings. You’re then pulled behind a motorboat. As you cross the boat’s wake, you can get aerial and do exciting and creative maneuvers.

If you’re going to get into wakeboarding, you should know the best boats to use for this fun and exhilarating activity. We’ll talk about some better-known boat brands for wakeboarding now.


Axis is a boat brand that’s practically synonymous with wakeboarding. You can find Axis boats for sale right now that are priced to move, as it’s the off-season. Buying them in the summer months is usually more expensive.

Axis is known for having the most up-to-date technology on its watercraft. The T235 would be a great choice if you’re targeting this brand. These boats are designed with wakeboarding in mind. The Power Wedge IIII tab that comes with this model allows the driver to shape the wake so that it’s perfect for catching some big air.

Four Winns Surf Series

The Surf Series of boats from Four Winns is another proven winner for weekend warriors who want some thrills and spills. The Volvo Penta Forward Drive sets this series apart from many others.

You can use it to create some significant forward thrust, but you still get superior stability. This would be the option for someone who’s new to operating a boat and holding it steady for a wakeboarder they’re towing behind them.

Malibu 26 LVS

The Malibu series has a solid reputation in the wakeboarding community, and this model is no exception. It’s the largest boat the Malibu company has ever produced and also the most luxurious.

This one comes with 6,100 pounds of ballast, far more than the average waverunner. It also has a 17-person capacity, which is almost unheard of for boats capable of towing wakeboards. This is the boat you show off in, though the price tag reflects its size and power.

Moomba Mondo

The Mondo, from Moomba, also deserves an honorable mention. It is the smallest and lightest of the ones we’ve reviewed, but the lower price point makes it an attractive option if you’re not ready to drop significant money on this hobby just yet.

It fits in most garages, so you don’t need to leave it out in the driveway all winter where the elements can batter it. On the water, you can enjoy the 3,700 pounds of ballast. The Smartplate tabs also give you enhanced ability to shape your wake so that it’s the size you want for more ambitious tricks to wow your friends and family members.

These choices have you covered, whether you’re into size and power or smaller options built for speed and maneuverability. If you’re just getting started in this report, remember to build up to bigger jumps and wear your life vest at all times.

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