I am amazed at how there is always someone who loses something the minute we have to get into the car and head out for an important event. It never fails. Sometimes one of the girls will misplace a book that needs to be returned to the library. Other times it is a backpack. It may even be a favorite jacket or toy that one of my daughters simply can’t live without. I can easily misplace my wallet, the car keys, or my cell phone. We spend too much time looking for what we have inadvertently misplaced.

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Tile – The Perfect Holiday Gift

This holiday, I am giving the “gift of finding” to myself, my wife, and my kids. I have found the perfect stocking stuffers for the entire family. Everyone is getting at least one Tile, maybe two. Tile is a Bluetooth enabled tracker that works with a phone app.

You can attach Tile to anything you don’t want to lose. Tiles are slim squares that can be placed on key rings, slipped inside a wallet, clipped to a backpack, slid into a book jacket, placed on luggage for traveling, etc. Just use the Tile app on your phone and the item you have misplaced or left behind will be located by the app. It’s pretty simple. My hope is that we will be able to get out of the house on time with the help of Tiles.

Tile Slim Travel

Tile multi-packs are an affordable gift for your family and/or friends. A Tile 4-pack is less than $20 per item. Or, you can purchase single Tiles for $25 each. Oh, and the multi-packs come with free gift pouches so that you don’t have to wrap anything.

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You can use Tile to join the world’s largest lost-and-found community. This is where friends and strangers work together to help each other find everything that matters. The Tile community helps to locate 2 million items every day. Tile’s tagline is “together we find”.

Tile Slim Backpack

Tile is the one holiday gift your family and friends will thank you for well after the holidays are over. It is a gift that keeps on giving.

Tile Slim iPhone

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You can find Tile at many popular brick and mortar stores and online retailers. To learn more about the entire lineup of Tile products and accessories, as well as how it works, visit the Tile website. There is a short video that will inform you and the family about the versatility of this Bluetooth tracker.