Summer birthday parties generally have all the perks. Not only are you pretty much guaranteed pleasant weather, but there are also endless ways for kids to have fun in the sun, from inflatable water slides and jumping castles to pool games and so much more.

, The Most Fun Summer Birthday Party Ideas For Kids, Days of a Domestic Dad

Nevertheless, if you’re not too sure what to plan for your little one’s upcoming summer birthday, here are a few fun ideas to consider.

The Perfect Pool Party

You can host a pool party for kids even if you don’t have a pool installed in your backyard. With inflatable water slides, paddle pools, sprinklers, and slip-n-slides, you can plan the perfect pool party.

Pool parties are suitable for all ages, although you must ensure there is adequate adult supervision, even if all the guests can swim. In addition to adult supervision, it’s also important to arrange enough shade and hydration for children.

A Teddy Bear Picnic

All you will need for a teddy bear-themed picnic party are a few bear-themes invites that ask guests to bring their favorite teddy bear, a few blankets, picnic baskets, and, of course, picnic snacks.

When it comes to entertainment, kids can play clapping games, hide-and-seek, Simon says, musical statues, and even hopscotch. Playground games are generally the best activities to include for a picnic birthday party.

Backyard Film Night

If you have a projector, a white screen, blankets and pillows, popcorn buckets, and movie night snacks, you can plan a fun backyard film night party. And if the weather happens to take a turn for the worst at the last minute, you can host movie night indoors instead.

Nevertheless, the most crucial areas to plan are a movie-themed snack menu and a film that is age-appropriate for all the guests.

A Painting Party

If your little one shows an interest in arts and crafts, consider planning a painting party. You’ll need some canvas, paints, and brushes. In addition, renting a few kiddie’s tables and chairs and protective plastic is wise. You should also arrange oversized painting t-shirts or aprons for each guest.

It’s best to host a painting party in the backyard, and be sure to buy non-toxic water-based paints only. Moreover, larger paint brushes are also easier for little hands.

Backyard Camping

Another great idea for a summer birthday party is a camping experience in the backyard, camping is also a great family-bonding idea. Get a few tents, sleeping bags, pillows, and a fire pit. Plan a BBQ for the evening and arrange campfire snacks like s’mores and hot chocolate, and your little one will have a fun-filled camping party.

Regarding entertainment for a camping party, consider campfire songs, campfire stories, star gazing, and playground games.

There are tons of great birthday party ideas to consider for summer. The warmer weather makes it possible for kids to play outside. And if the weather changes at the last minute, most outdoor party ideas can be moved inside easily. Nevertheless, remember to provide enough shade, hydration, and sun protection for guests.

, The Most Fun Summer Birthday Party Ideas For Kids, Days of a Domestic Dad