Being part of a horrendous road accident is one of the most traumatizing life events you will ever encounter. Road accidents maim, kill, and alter the lives of the victims forever.

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Worse still, you begin another complex task of seeking compensation for your damages.

Road accidents in New York are common because of the number of people traveling in and out of its boroughs. Thousands have been maimed or killed in dangerous road intersections like East 183rd Street and the Grand Concourse in the Bronx.

Auto accident victims like you can pursue justice with or without the help of a personal accident attorney. Read on to find out why car crash lawyers are important.

1. They Bring You Peace of Mind

According to statistics, there are 61,000 injuries sustained and 200+ deaths on New York roads every year. This means that a similar number of personal injury and wrongful death claims are filed in court registries and with insurance companies each year. This makes pursuing your single claim a strenuous and time-consuming task.

A personal accident lawyer can do all the work for you while you focus on a full recovery from your injuries. They know where to get evidence, how to file a claim, and which courts have jurisdiction in civil lawsuits involving auto accidents. Further, you will get regular updates on the claim progress, which reduces anxiety and gives you peace of mind.

2. Attorneys Can Get You a Lien Reduction or Waiver

Another benefit of having a legal mind working for you is the reduction or total waiver of medical liens. These are claims placed on your award to pay for healthcare services you have been receiving from medical insurance companies. It is common for liens to be so exaggerated that the plaintiff remains with little or nothing after claiming compensation.

Lawyers know the legal loopholes in your medical insurer’s policies and other binding documents. They then utilize these gray areas to compel medical insurers to reduce or waive the amount owed. You receive a couple thousand dollars more to get your life back on track.

Personal injuries are unexpected, and most people lack the resources necessary to cover medical costs and seek compensation. Therefore, many fail to hire a car accident attorney citing expensive legal fees. Fortunately, working with a car accident lawyer is a breeze.

You might have encountered the term “contingency fee,” meaning you get free representation. Law firms can pursue car accident victims’ rights and only receive payment after the work is done. Legal fees are part of the compensation amount meaning the plaintiffs receive the full amount owed after the legal fee reduction.

4. Serve Subpoenas

You can benefit from the power of attorneys by getting easy access to otherwise hard-to-get documents. For example, a lawyer can request and quickly receive medical and police reports.

They do this by serving subpoenas. Subpoenas are court orders demanding specific information or the presence of a difficult witness in court. Insurers can also be forced to disclose information on their policy maximums.

Armed with such information, no insurance adjuster or the defendant’s legal counsel can stand a chance in shooting down your claim.

5. Seeking Compensation From the Government

Finally, some auto accidents involve cars belonging to the government or related agencies. Seeking reparation against the government is a tall order because of bureaucracy. An experienced auto accident attorney can help you cut the red tape ushering in a world of possibility regarding your claim.

Lawyers have the expertise and know-how to file personal injury claims against the government saving the victims much frustration. Law firms have plenty of resources to pursue damage recoveries beyond any single individual’s reach.

Final Word

Working with a car accident attorney has many benefits, including emotional and financial advantages. They can provide expert and emotional support, serve subpoenas to access otherwise inaccessible evidence, and offer free legal advice. Plus, your medical bill is reduced or waived through the attorney’s intervention. Lastly, they can aid your compensation claim filed against the government.

, 5 Ways Working With a Car Accident Attorney Can Benefit Injured Victims, Days of a Domestic Dad