Whether you work in your company office, at a shared workspace, or in your favorite cafe, chances are you’ll need to carry a few of your work essentials. These could include a tablet, laptop, various work files, contracts, power bank, earphones, and the like.

Briefcase from Von Baer

To safely and smartly take them with you, you’ll need to have a work bag that can carry all these things with no hassles and risks. 

The good news is that the market for men’s work bags is vast and booming. Many brands and companies worldwide continue launching different high-quality lines that fit any working man’s niche and personal style. These days, simply searching for business bags online will give you many selections to choose from.

To give you an overview of the best work bags to pick, consider this list below. 

Von Baer No.3 Briefcase 

Work Bags For Men, The Best Work Bags For Men In 2023, Days of a Domestic Dad
No.3 Briefcase from Von Baer

The No.3 Briefcase from Vonbaer.com is made of full-grain leather; it has a 13-inch laptop size, durable cotton lining, and YKK zippers. Handmade in Florence, Italy, and features a detachable and adjustable shoulder strap for added comfort. Measuring 38cm x 30cm x 9cm and weighing 1.5kg, this bag is perfect for business professionals and students sleek design. Purchase on Von Baer

Black Briefcases  

One of the most common work bags for men is the classic black briefcase. The clean, minimalist style and streamlined efficiency of these leather bags make them a favorite of city businessmen. They add to the overall look of a professional, making you appear more confident and serious about your business.  

Most black briefcases come with compact compartments but have enough space to carry most high-end laptops inside. There’s also enough room for folders and printed documents. They can come with multiple pockets to organize gadgets, cords, and other accessories. 

While men statistically carry fewer things than women, having extra pockets is always a good feature for a classic briefcase.

Choose a work bag that’s been precisely handcrafted and has the sturdiest leather and hardware material.   

Briefcase from Von Baer

Sleek Backpacks  

Most men love using backpacks. Aside from their practical design, they make any man appear more relaxed and cooler. Not to mention, a backpack leaves both hands free, so you can carry other things or move your hands more.  

Backpacks are pretty common for students because they usually bring a lot of books. Fortunately, employees who want to carry a laptop and other work gadgets here and there can benefit from a sleek backpack just as much. 

Vertical Tote Bags With Snap Enclosures

While tote bags are more common for ladies, many men have started using this bag design in recent years. If it’s not your thing, there are ways to carry them in a style that suits you.

For instance, aside from the common horizontal or square tote bag, you can get a vertical one. It provides ample space, which is perfect for accommodating any laptop size. 

Tote bags can offer a lot of carrying capacity. In fact, it’s an essential every commuter must have. Most have sturdy straps you can easily sling over your shoulder or hold with your hands. The style is versatile, which means it can fit any outfit at work, whether a formal suit and tie or casual pants and a polo shirt. 

There are a variety of materials to choose from in a vertical tote bag. They can be made with leather, polyester, or canvas. The choice is yours. 

Go for one that comes with a snap enclosure, so it’s safe but easy to access at the same time. This everyday bag can be an extremely helpful work accessory, so invest in a durable, quality pick.  

Nylon Briefcases

Nylon is another sturdy, high-quality choice of material for everyday workbags. With the typical briefcase design yet switching out expensive leather, nylon briefcases are a more practical alternative for guys who are not ready to spend hundreds of dollars on bags. 

In addition to holding laptops, sturdy nylon briefcases can accommodate other personal essentials. Whether you plan to go to the gym or do some sports after work, it can hold your extra clothes there.  

Work-To-Gym Bags

For working men who look after their fitness, it’s great to carry a work bag that doubles as a gym bag. If that’s the case for you, a work-to-gym bag is a perfect complement to your active lifestyle.  

Good ones feature a breathable mesh panel, where you can stuff your high-tech athletic wear at any time. They should also come with padded laptop compartments inside, so your valuable gadgets remain intact and unscathed wherever you go.

Take Your Pick

Men have access to a wide variety of work bags from many brands online and in physical stores. But picking the best one can get overwhelming. If you don’t know where to start, you can refer to this list to find the one that fits your needs and tastes.

Work Bags For Men, The Best Work Bags For Men In 2023, Days of a Domestic Dad