Brother P-Touch Disclosure

Pack Label and Store

With Christmas and New Years over, it is the time to back up the decorations or organize the gifts we received. For us, we always wait up till January 2nd to take down the Christmas tree and pack everything up. Normally we try and do this as family, but most of the time you get more help setting up than tearing down. Brother Ptouch

Luckily this year my 16 year old son was willing to lend a hand, especially since I wanted to be a little more organized in packing. A few days prior I was able to pick up a few storage totes from the local  store, to assist in our task. We were able to dispose of the old box that the Christmas tree came in ten years ago, and repack it in a tote, with label. Also, we packed all the indoor and outdoor Christmas lights into one tote, with label. I feel that both of us felt accomplished when we looked at our totes and labels, and like we did a wonderful job.

Brother P-touch 25th Anniversary

In addition to our organization tyrant, we also organized our video game area. It seems every time I was making my way through the game room, I was stepping, kicking or tripping on some sort of game piece or game controller.

XBox Storage

I had the girls help me with this project of seperating and purging all the video game items. I actually like what we did, because we separated the X360 controls, Skylander stuff and Disney Infinity pieces from the Wii pieces. I let my 8 and 10 year old girls print their own labels, how ever they wanted, they found the Brother P-touch was ” #tote ” easy to use. Video Game Storage

Over the last few months, I have tackled a few projects that I don’t think I would have unless I had something like the Brother P-touch label maker. It makes completing projects a little more fun, lot easier and less messy in the long run.

25th Anniversary of the Brother P-touch

It’s the 25th Anniversary of the Brother P-touch, and in addition to their official site, you can snag special 25th Anniversary deals at office superstores and other retailers Nationwide.