Disclosure: I was part of the Every day, care project with Whirlpool® as part of a sponsored post for Socialstars. #EveryDayCare


How does your house change over summer? Does it slow down or shift into fast forward with summer activities? It seems most of our friends with kids say they stay pretty busy, all Summer long. Matter of fact, most of our friends are taking road trips for Summer Vacation.

Along with vacations, we noticed that the weekends can get pretty hectic and long. So, with all this coming and going, who takes care of the household duties? Or who helps prepare for these trips and activities?

Everyday care

Sharing is Caring

Since I am normally the one that oversees the doing of laundry, cleaning, cooking, and whatever else around the house, I am recruiting some help from the kids. This Summer I am the one that needs help, and thankfully the girls are eager pitch in around the house.

Whirlpool Everyday care

We have decided to start prepping some of our meals, for easier and quicker cook time. Also, Jaden has taken charge of keeping a running grocery list on her phone. Which is a huge relief for me at the end of the week.

Everyday care 2

Jaci has pretty much taken over the living room and game room. Her helping keep these areas relieve a huge stress off my plate, and lets me concentrate on more of the important stuff. Family!

You might ask what Joeli is doing to help out, well she does a little bit of everything. She is best pillow picker upper, she is great at throwing juice pouches away, and many another ways.

Everyday care 3

How is Your Family Changing Up Their Care Routine?

Whirlpool® has launched the Every day, care™ Project to highlight how small acts of care can make a big difference. I know that simple items I list above might be nothing for little helpers, but for us we are right on. But, the best part about my little helpers pitching in, is that it frees up time for me to spend time with them.  Check out the Every day, care™ website and see how the little things can add up to big changes. If you could make one change this Summer, what would it be? Do you need help around the house? Do you have someone that can come to your rescue. I hope so!