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It seems Staci and I have been parents forever and a day… or at least it’s feels that way sometimes. We had Cheyenne nearly 20 years ago AND she is getting married in a few months. Excuse me while I cry a moment. Okay. With that being said, I can attest that we have seen some unscripted moments in our lives. Like that time when I was wrestling with 6 year old Chey and received a swift kick between the legs. Ouch! Thank goodness Staci didn’t get a picture of my pain. Of course, it wass probably because she was too busy laughing her butt off.


I have come to understand it’s that it’s not about the moments you plan, life’s in the moments that just happen. As painful as that kick was, I will always look back and laugh… now. For me, it’s the time in the floor with crayons or action figures simply having fun. It’s the nights spent in a fort we made in the living room… or the times at our favorite theme park.

This has to be one of the best photos from our trip to @Disney World. #RocknRollerCoaster #DisneySMMC

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If I have to be honest, Staci and I are some of the luckiest parents on the face the Earth. We love all 5 of our kids no matter how many questions we have to answer or how many times we get upset with them. They are our kids!

Each day of our lives we make deposits in the memory banks of our children.

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The next time you see a chance to create one of those moments, make sure to get on the floor or step out of your comfort zone. Just do it! It just may be one of those times when you leave an impressionable mark on your children that lasts a lifetime.

UnscriptedBeauty Mom and Daughter

Little Fact: An AVEENO survey found most parents say that “unscripted” moments are more beautiful than those that are perfectly planned. At the end of the day, it’s sharing candid, unscripted moments that build authentic relationships.

#AVEENO and I encourage parents to embrace the natural beauty of a life that doesn’t always go as planned. Share your Unscripted Beauty and Moments online. Take the time to share on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram hashtag #UnscriptedBeauty.