Auto Disclosure

As an outdoors-loving man, I know that not many vehicles can live up to my standard of living. I’ve got three daughters, and we all enjoy going out into the country of North Texas. It takes a lot of handling to get a truck out to my perfect fishing spot, or at least that’s what I thought before trying out the 2017 Toyota Tacoma TRD for a week.

Over the course of the week, I came to an understanding that there are 31 reasons to love a Toyota Tacoma. The 31 reasons correspond to the 6 models of the Toyota Tacoma that are available. Each model has special features, ranging from upholstery to the bed design. However, they all share many features as well. For example, they share the power.

The Tacoma has 278 horsepower with the ability to produce 265 lb.-ft. at peak torque. Also, the frames are all made of high-strength steel that makes this truck the best of both worlds. Driving on the road is made extremely comfortable with the impressive front and back suspensions, but they can undoubtedly handle any off-roading trail that you can throw at them.

The Tacoma TRD is especially noted for its sportiness and ability to travel off-road. The main off-roading features include Locking Rear Differential, Hill Start Assist Control, and Crawl Control.

The TRD- Sports grade has sport-tuned shocks that are able to absorb serious bumps, while the TRD Off-Road grade offers the Multi-Terrain Select System for automatics so that the vehicle can perform the best for you while you’re driving. This feature directly changes the throttle and brake pressure to produce the most traction on the chosen terrain. This allows it to function well in almost any environment.

The basic design of the truck also shows that it is indeed a master of all. The truck bed in both designs is intended to endure the roughest of treatment. Just about any cargo can be thrown in, strapped down, and transported thanks to the deck rail system. The tailgate can also be slowly retracted by an easy lowering feature, which prevents the typical slamming from occurring. This vehicle isn’t afraid to get any job done because it can get it done right and get it done fast.

The Toyota Tacoma has an abundance of features and attractions to explore. It has a nice stylish body to present to the city streets, and it also has the capability to get down and dirty. Nothing can stop it and nothing will. I thoroughly enjoyed my time in this truck and can’t wait for my next expedition to occur.

Photos courtesy of Toyota News