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Stories of a Kind: The Real Heroes

They say hard work speaks out for itself, but that isn’t always true. More than often, the people toiling away to an inch of their breath stay hidden in the shadows and are taken for granted. Most of the people out there who deserve to have a chance are denied one because of a tainted past, involving a prison perhaps, or the lack of someone influential to propel them forwards. Nearly everyone has had the experience of being beaten down once in a while, and when they get back up, their story is one to be heard, one to inspire and one to remember. Perez, for instance, got out of jail and found his way to a restaurant, working second only to the head chef. Ladies and gentlemen, meet the real celebrities of the 21st century.

It is important to me- and I’m sure to everybody else reading this as well- that hard work is recognized and appreciated, and not just ridiculed because it leads someone into a direction different than yours. Whatever field you are in, you grind yourself to earn those bucks that get you going till the end of the month, or for the passion that you can’t simply deny. Kronos has come up with a bullhorn for people toiling out of the spotlight, called the “1 in 100 Million” project, where a single story of a single person is highlighted every few days to bring the world to a point where work is appreciated more than the amount of money it puts in your pocket and where passion is valued above status in society.
Such is the story of Jennifer Miller, a woman with a soft heart, a warm smile on the face and the ability to see beyond the material aspect of the world. Her story is that of a retailer in the business of jewelry, but this is not just business for her, contrary to what most of us would expect. This is her way of being involved in the most important occasions of the lives of people, such as anniversaries and marriages, and a way to experience the intensity of emotions they feel once they enter into her shop just to please a loved one. Miller, therefore, does not take her job as a retailer a robotic one. She also has had the opportunity to volunteer for the BeadForLife movement in Uganda, a project that employed many women and their skills of hand to make and sell jewelry in America as a way of helping their own pockets and bringing to the world’s attention the gravity of poverty some of the people are in.
The experience Miller gained from working with people of all sizes of bank accounts has led her to work somewhat similar to a psychiatrist, gaining insight into her customers, realizing the intensity of their emotions and presenting to them easy solutions for the purchases that they wish to make. She often recounts one such incident when an old couple celebrated the abatement of the wife’s fear towards piercing, with the husband buying a set of beautiful earrings for her while Miller contributed by getting them champagne.
There are countless other stories of the kind that are featured on “1 in 100 Million” website. If you think of your work as a passionless routine that is more of a punishment for you than enjoyment, visit and subscribe to the links in the videos. Kronos aims at not only getting your voice heard but also to change the way you think about your job. Small things, after all, bring the most happiness.