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For the most part I consider myself an old soul when it comes to traditional lifestyles. My Parents and Grandparents have done a pretty good job at raising me to resp others and their property. Another great value that was instill in my DNA. Is,Work-Ethic. Work Ethic is something we try to teach our little ones on a daily basis, along with having fun while working. It reminds me that I like to check out the videos on Kronos American Works Series.

1 in one hundred million

Meet Shannon NeSmith – Kronos #1in100MM

One of my favorites this moth was Shannon NeSmith. Where some people commute to work, Shannon NeSmith commutes for work. Hauling up to 18,000 pounds of cargo at a time, Shannon carries everything from military equipment to log flume boats in her 18-speed big rig. “I call each new load an adventure” she says. “You never know what you’re gonna get next.” And for Shannon, that’s true in more ways than one. She’s learned firsthand that you never know what’s in store around the next corner, and it’s that sense of excitement and adventure that keeps her on the road and the odometer rolling.

A few fun facts about Shannon and all the does:

  • Loves the freedom and flexibility of being a truck driver, the opportunity to meet different people all the time, and the scenery – amazing new view of the roads when she’s the only one out there. But… it’s hard work!
  • Delivers cargo all across the United States, coast to coast… everything from aluminum and plastic pipes, to golf carts, to military equipment. Most interesting load? Log flume boats!
  • Other interesting loads: airplanes, power plant supplies, generators, crane parts, steel products, rockets, and hydraulic lifts.
  • Truck is massive, has an 18-speed transmission, which can haul up to 18,000 pounds of cargo.
  • Being on the road can be hard and lonely, without consistent interaction with another person.


How do you feel after watching Shannon’s video? Do you feel she is the real deal when comes to hard work and dedication to what she does?

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