Disclosure: I am not an owner, employee, or advertiser of RaceTrac Convenience Store. I am sponsored to write about my personal experiences and opinions. #WhateverGetsYouGoing

I sometimes stay up too late catching up with work after the kids have settled in for the night. Unfortunately, that means I may oversleep a little the next morning. While I rush to make sure the kids have breakfast and are set up with their schoolwork, I sort of forget about my own needs. And, frankly, I am not always that disciplined about making a super healthy breakfast for myself.

RaceTrac Convenience Store

On mornings like this I have been known to slip out for a quick on-the-go bite to eat that includes a strikingly large cup of coffee or an energy drink. I just need something to kick me into gear after a long night. Any RaceTrac Convenience Store is convenient and my go-to place for mornings like this.

RaceTrac Convenience Store

This winter they have healthy Omelet Wraps stuffed with eggs, ham, peppers, and cheese, for a limited time. While I do like the wraps, the fresh fruit selections, and the 6 blends of fresh brewed coffee, I sometimes just want an unconventional meal. Not sure if that is because I am sleep deprived, or I just have strange cravings. I have been known to have a slice of pizza for breakfast. Why? Because I can and because RaceTrac Convenience Store has it available any time of day.


Recently, I made a quick trip to RaceTrac, and on a whim, I grabbed a Sausage French Toast Taquito, a Starbucks energy drink, and a bottle of RaceTrac water. I had never really thought about having a taquito for breakfast. I was pleasantly surprised to find this option available.

RaceTrac Convenience Store

While I am at RaceTrac, I often will pick up salads, wraps, or pizza for us all to have later for lunch. It is just so easy while I am already there. The kids enjoy a change from our standard weekly lunch routine. I have to admit that I do as well, especially when I haven’t left myself enough time to plan ahead.

RaceTrac Convenience Store makes life so much easier some days. I am in and out quickly, and the staff is super friendly. They never judge what anyone eats at any time of day. Their promotions are always a good deal to look out for.