Taking the family on a road trip can be one of the most rewarding things fathers can do. You’ll get to spend hours with your family checking out beautiful scenery, enjoying the local culture, and spending quality time together.

Truck for a Road Trip, Prepare Your Truck for a Road Trip With These 5 Tips, Days of a Domestic Dad

Prepare Your Truck for a Road Trip

Trucks are excellent choices for road trips, but they come with unique challenges for any dad. So how do you prepare your truck for a road trip? Here are five ways you can set your vehicle up for success.

Take it in for a checkup.

The essential piece of road trip advice is to take your vehicle in for a checkup beforehand. Most cars and trucks only see light use throughout the majority of the year, and road trips are decidedly not fair use.

Small things that aren’t usually problems, like low fluids or old brake pads, can make or break a road trip. It’s critical to take your truck in and let the pros do their thing.

Clean it out thoroughly.

Nobody wants to sit in a dirty cab for days on end. You may be used to being the only one in your truck, so you probably have a higher tolerance for the mess in there. Your family won’t have the same patience.

So make sure you clean it up first! Get out the Shop-Vac, get some all-purpose cleaner, and go to town. You’ll be thankful for this afterward, too, when your truck is just like new for weeks afterward.

Gear up for towing.

The most significant advantage that trucks have over other vehicles is their towing capacity. A well-built truck can haul almost anything you need, from extensive camping gear to a big old camper! But towing isn’t as simple as hitching something on the back and driving off. You need to make sure that you have all the right equipment for the job you’re doing.

For example, you should look into the specifications of the hitch you have. What is its duty? Can it handle the things you want to tow? What about the lights on your load? Do you have a way to communicate with vehicles behind you? These are essential questions for road-tripping dads.

It would help if you also considered things like the physical size of the item you want to tow. Maybe your truck can handle the weight of a camper, but will you be able to see around it safely?

Do you have the right wiring so you can signal behind you? These questions make it clear why getting things like those tow mirrors F150 owners love is absolutely critical for a long-distance trip. Safety is essential when towing, and making sure you can handle whatever load you have is crucial.

Consider how much space you need.

Trucks tend to have quite a bit of space, so this may seem like an unnecessary thing to think about. However, truck beds aren’t infinite.

You can pack a lot back there, but it pays to try and pare things down as much as possible. If you need more space, you can always consider renting a trailer for your trip, too.

This question also refers to interior space, though. If you have a huge family or older kids, you may need more space within the interior of your vehicle. A large sedan or a van might be a better choice for these folks. After all, comfort is essential on a road trip, and that goes for your kids and yourself.

Ask the family if they need anything else.

Ultimately, road trips are supposed to be fun for everyone. If you prepare everything just how you like it without asking the family about anything they need, the chances are that you’ll wind up with grumpy kids after a day or two.

They should want to be there, too! This is why getting them involved in the planning process is important. Not only will they get more of what they want out of the trip, but they’ll be more invested in the trip from the get-go. This is an easy way to ensure that your family shares the same enthusiasm for your road trip as you do.


Road trips can help you make some of the most amazing memories as a dad. They’re great fun, great for seeing the world, and an excellent way to bond with your family. That being said, a road trip without the proper prep work can turn really sour.

So make sure you prepare thoroughly before you set out on your fantastic adventure. That way, you’ll walk away with memories that will last a lifetime.

Truck for a Road Trip, Prepare Your Truck for a Road Trip With These 5 Tips, Days of a Domestic Dad