Pets play an important and loving role in our lives, but as a pet parent, you probably know that living with a furry companion requires more than just giving them your love and affection. To live happy and healthy lives, they need adequate and complete care that extends beyond their daily feeds or morning walks.

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Whether you’ve just gotten a new pet friend in the US or have lived with them for a while, you’re in good company. With about 70% of US households owning a pet, there are certainly many pet-care resources and businesses that will help you take care of your pet in the best way possible. And, if you live in one of the bigger states, you will often find a great variety to choose from.

Although there are many things to take care of when living with a pet, there are some fundamental ones to cover, especially if you live in the US’s bigger states. Below we’ve provided a simple yet thorough guide for pet parents that live in the big states across the country.

Find A Suitable Insurance Coverage

Although you will likely try your best to protect your pet from any injuries or illnesses, they will probably need medical assistance from time to time. To avoid the financial burden of what are often very costly medical bills, it’s best to get insurance coverage.

When looking for pet insurance in Washington State, for example, or any other big state in the US, you should look at the average cost of the coverage and compare the different companies as the number will probably be high due to the large area size. Insurance costs will depend on the animal’s breed, age, the scope of the insurance, and your location, but you should do proper research to ensure you’re not overpaying or that you have sufficient coverage.

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Take Safety Measures

If you walk your pet or transport them regularly for vet visits or other purposes, there are a few things you can do to ensure their safety. Taking safety precautions is especially important in larger cities or states, where you might face more commotion or your pet might be unfamiliar with the surroundings.

One thing you can do is get a pet ID that contains your or your vet’s contact information so that people can easily reach you if they find your pet. Another method that shows increased return rates for lost animals is getting your pet a microchip.

Once you register the microchip with a phone number, shelters and veterinary hospitals can easily reach you, and you can even track your pet’s location with GPS technology.

It’s an easy-to-use device with which walking or camping with your pet becomes safer and more reliable. You just need to secure your pet with a cat tracker and don’t worry about losing them. These trackers are designed in such a way that they can be attached to a collar of any size. It allows you to determine the location of your pet on demand, track actions, and record adventures on a smartphone or computer.

Ensure Comfort And Well-being

All pets have unique needs, but you should always ensure they have a temperate area in your home where they can feel relaxed and comfortable – especially if you’ve recently moved or gotten your pet. Having a bed or a blanket with toys and a water bowl is a great way to provide a self-soothing area for your cat or dog during stressful situations like guests or parties and thunderstorms.

Additionally, if you take your dog to crowded or unfamiliar areas, you should pay attention to signs of stress or restlessness. Ideally, it’s best to leave the event before they start being hyperactive or extremely nervous, and remember to stay for a shorter amount of time if you plan on being in such an environment again.

Add Variety To Their Routine

Pets typically need more stimulation than a long walk around the block or playing with the toy you recently got them. To live up to their full potential and be happy, they need enrichment activities that will help them play and bond with other pets, interact with humans and receive the necessary mental and physical stimulation for their brains.

There are many dog parks and centers throughout the US that are built especially for these kinds of physical and social activities. If you’ve just moved to a new city or a bigger state, spend some time researching the area for the best locations. You can also look for other pet owners if you’re aiming for more social time or find games that will provide the necessary sensory stimulation to fight boredom or a repetitive routine.

If you fail to provide this to your beloved furry friends, they could get bored and start making a mess around them due to their lack of activity. Lots of owners have an issue with dogs scratching their beds because they don’t get out enough. Always make sure that your pets’ batteries are recharged with enough daily activity.

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Final Thoughts

As a pet parent, taking care of your furry friend means ensuring they have the proper means to live happy and healthy lives.

Covering these bases will help you protect your pet and yourself, as well as provide them with the best care possible for their growth, development, and safety.