Disclosure: I was provide a pair of Panasonic HGS10 headphones for the purpose of a review. All opinions are my own.

Can you think of the times when you wanted to chill, listen to some music without sacrificing surrounding noises. That is what my oldest daughter was telling me the other day. She asked me if I had a pair of headphones that she could wear while working, studying, and exercising.

Panasonic HGS10 Headphones

Easy Fit of the Panasonic HGS10 Headphones

I gave her the pair of Panasonic HGS10 headphones that use conduction technology. The HGS10 has a sporty look and feel, but don’t fit directly over your ear. So it took a few times wearing them to get use to the idea that the speaker sets comfortably over the jaw bone.

Panasonic HGS10 Headphones

 Panasonic HGS10 Features:

• Bone Conduction Technology: The RP-HGS10 headphones use conduction technology to transmit sound vibrations directly to the cochlea through the cheek bones.

Panasonic HGS10 Headphones

• Lightweight and comfortable: The open ear headphones are designed with soft, cushioning material to absorb vertical vibration above the ear while a user is working out. They are also sweat and water resistant.

• Ideal for Indoor and Outdoor Use: The RP-HGS10 is perfect for outdoor use. Car horns, traffic and other sounds are not blocked because the headphones do not cover your ears. The sides and back feature reflective strips for greater visibility and safety in low light and at night. When used indoors, surrounding sounds and voices can still be heard while listening to music.

If you would like more information on the Panasonic HGS10 Headphones or find a color that fits your personality please visit shop Panasonic.