national grandparents day

Celebrate and show your appreciation for everything your grandparents have done for you! National Grandparents Day takes place every September on the first Sunday after Labor Day, and is not only about your own grandparents, but a special time to celebrate family and the important connection between the generations. It’s a chance for learning from each others’ life perspective and wisdom, and building closer connections between the generations.

Grandparents play such an important role in our lives! By 2030, it is estimated in the US that one in five Americans will be over 65 years old. Grandparents don’t only spoil their grandchildren – today more than 4 million children are being raised by their grandparents, and many others live in a household with a grandparent.

National Grandparents Day

Thinking of how you can celebrate National Grandparents Day in your family, school or community? Here are some ideas:

Find your roots – make a family tree with your grandparents. In the classroom, have students mark the countries in which their grandparents and great-grandparents lived.

Make a generations scrapbook with things that matter to each generation.

Hold a grandparents tea or “senior prom” with favorite music from the older generations.
Host a day when grandparents can visit the classroom and participate in class.

National Grandparents Day

Make Greatest Grandparent or Grand-friend certificates.

Be a news reporter – interview a grandparent or grand-friend. Brainstorm a list of questions, and then tape record the interview or write down the responses.

Bring your own children or organize your classroom to visit a senior center or nursing home and interact with the residents there. Plan some fun activities, make photos, and spend time reading favorite books together.

Make hand-made greeting cards to send a special message to your grandparent or senior friend.

Make a world map with the different names for “grandma” and “grandpa” that people use across the world.