Maybe it’s because we have several packages delivered a week, or perhaps because we have two teenage daughters, but whatever the reason, we enjoy the security of our Arlo cameras.

Arlo Ultra HD Cam

Arlo Ultra Camera

In fact, most recently, we upgraded our most important camera – our front door camera – to the Arlo Ultra camera. The front door is, obviously, our highest area of traffic and typically requires the most monitoring.

It may be a package delivery while we’re out, a solicitor we don’t want to talk to, or a grocery delivery we don’t want to miss, but it’s all caught on camera.

Not to mention, during a recent trip, we even realized that the Arlo Ultra even captures people walking beside our home. In this case, it was simply our neighbor cutting his grass, but it gave us an extra sense of security to know for future reference.

Arlo Ultra Camera, My Arlo Ultra Camera Watches My Front Porch When I’m Not, Days of a Domestic Dad

Arlo Ultra intelligently adjusts to movement with its auto-zoom feature and tracks for key details, such as words, logos and license plates. Of course, all in 4K video with HDR for more crisp and clear footage.

Other Arlo Ultra features include:

  • Enhanced Night Vision to see colors in the dark
  • Integrated Spotlight both bright and motion-activated
  • 180° View giving you a panoramic field of vision without typical fisheye distortion
  • Noise Cancellation for clear, distortion-free audio
  • 2-Way Audio so you can listen and speak with anyone in range of your Arlo Ultra
Arlo Ultra Camera, My Arlo Ultra Camera Watches My Front Porch When I’m Not, Days of a Domestic Dad

Plus, both Wire-free and WiFi enabled, Arlo Ultra camera can go anywhere you need to protect your home. Even outside. It’s weather-resistant so it works indoors or out in rain, sleet or snow.

And, finally, Arlo Ultra features a siren that you can set to sound automatically, or trigger from your phone upon receiving an alert.

As you can see above, the Arlo Ultra brings more than cutting edge protection – it brings peace of mind. Grab yours today!