In a busy world, most of us would love a home that just oozes relaxation and allows us to melt away from the maddening world outside. However, the reality for many of us is a far cry from this ideal.

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Make your Home a Haven of Well-being

Our homes, over time, begin to resemble the madness of the world outside and never allow for a moment’s calm. That is because the home has a huge impact on the way we feel and can bring us up as well as tear us down.

That means if you want to feel better with a much higher sense of well-being, then you should focus on your home and how you can upgrade and adapt it to allow you to feel better. 

Embrace a Minimalist Mindset

If you want to create a home that engenders calm, it may be an idea to begin by changing yourself. A home that is filled with useless clutter can have a damaging effect on you and those around you.

Things from the past that you constantly see can transport you away from the now and never let you leave that moment in time. Clutter can also make you feel stressed and anxious and even depressed. Not to mention the dirt and mold that can accumulate if your home is very cluttered.

By chasing the way to think, to a mindset of minimalism, you can free yourself from the things that are holding you back. When you begin the decluttering process think does this item gold any value in my or my family’s life? Does it have a purpose? If the answer is no, then you need to get rid of it. Many homes are filled with useless junk that would be far better off gone.

Try to sell or donate as much of the items as you can to minimize waste. If there are items that are broken or unsellable then opt for the services of a rubbish removal company, to recycle and dispose of the rest. Getting rid of things, creating space, and promoting better airflow will make you feel a lot happier and healthier.

Repair Damage     

Most homes have something that needs to be fixed. However, if your home has several things, you should make a list of them all and get to work fixing them up. It may be that you have had a faulty light switch in the spare room for ten years, and even if you think you have been ignoring this problem, subconsciously, you have not.

Over time little problems can manifest in the mind and create more stress and anxiety. Broken things around you can make you feel less valued and worthless. So, write that list and begin ticking the items off. This process in itself will enhance the way you feel, and it will show the children that you can do things and you do have a sense of self-worth.

If you plan on moving anytime soon, you will need to repair the damage anyway. If you feel you are ready for a new path then why not visit these real estate websites for some great new home ideas. 

Get Cleaning

Cleaning does not have to be a chore. You could make it fun by listening to music and using it as a chance to get some much-needed exercise in. However you do it, a clean home offers you and your family a much better sense of well-being.

If you have decided to embrace the minimalist approach to life, then you will find the process of cleaning a lot easier. Minimalism and cleanliness can offer you a better sense of control, and if you are inclined.

The actual act of cleaning itself can be akin to a form of meditation, which has many beneficial effects on your mental health. Remember, the more dirt and mold you can get rid of, the less potential there is for these things to have a damaging effect on your health and your children’s health. 

Introduce a Little Nature

If you want to introduce something into the house that can have a positive mental health effect, then consider getting some houseplants.

Plants have numerous positive effects in the home. Firstly, they are great natural air purifiers, as they remove toxins and CO2 from the air and breathe out fresh new oxygen.

This can be particularly good if you have children with asthma and clean, fresh air is essential to their physical health. Plants also have a calming and relaxing effect that allows you to create a soothing atmosphere that reduces the stress levels of everyone around them. 

Create a Balanced Environment 

The world beyond our four walls can be nothing but a constant bombardment of advertising, images, ideas, thoughts, and a constant flow of unwanted stimuli. To combat this, you need space inside your home that is free from this kind of stimulus, so no television, no phone,s not digital devices.

If you have a spare room, perhaps you could turn it into a kind of sanctuary where you can sit relax and read, or meditate, whatever you need to do to create harmony in your life. If a room is out of the question, you could create a corner of another room where you can forget about the world.

Some of us may find this space is out in the garden, but this is probably not practical all year round.

Introduce a Sense of Calm

Calm can be found in many ways. From cutting out external stimulus, decluttering, and adding a little nature into the home.

However, you can use color to introduce a sense of calm too. Painting is the most obvious way to do this. Look at colors that offer the calming mood you are looking for.

Painting a wall in that color can drastically improve your mood. You could also paint one room in a couple of colors, have a feature wall. Perhaps you could paint this wall with a mural or add some decals that have the calming feel you need. Think of an ocean or a beautiful forest. You know the feeling you are after, so why not have a look around and see what you can come up with.  

Embrace Natural Light

Allowing as much natural light into the home is a great way to create a home that is conducive to a greater sense of well-being. Sitting in the dark is not going to do this. Natural light has so many benefits, from making us feel happier to increasing our vitamin D levels and boosting our immunity, to helping us maintain a healthy circadian rhythm which is your sleep-wake cycle.

To help you discover ways you can boost the light in your home, here are some ideas. Why not change heavy and dark curtains for lighter and brighter ones. Try rearranging the furniture if any large objects is in the way of the windows. Putting up mirrors to rebound light is a great way. This is particularly effective in small dark homes, like basement flats.

Mirrors also have the added effect of making a home seem larger too. If you can, have a skylight installed. Also, why not upgrade the front door to something with windows in. You could also paint the walls a lighter color if they are dark. This immediately makes the space seem brighter, larger and enhances the natural light. 

Highlight Your Personality

Remember injecting a little of your personality can have the effect of inspiring you and making you happier.

Perhaps a gallery wall witty your favorite quotes in, or some photos of your favorite people and times. Use throw and rugs and statement pieces too.