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Our family is pretty serious about education and learning. Our children are homeschooled and we do try to keep to a schedule and routine when it comes to getting lessons and homework done on a daily basis.

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Life’s Scrapes Bumps and Bruises

Like any other kids who study hard, mine need to take periodic breaks. So, what do homeschooled children do when they get a break? Well, that depends in our family. My teenager might pick up her guitar and practice a new song. The younger kids use up their energy by jumping on the trampoline, riding bikes, or just tumbling around in the back yard with their own versions of gymnastics.

All of these activities come with minor risks that are to be expected. Cuts and scrapes happen when there are collisions on the trampoline or falls off of bikes. Too much guitar playing also comes with tiny mishaps, such as blisters and calluses. And, everyone in the family encounters a few scratches from playing with our excited dog.

Springfree Trampoline Workout with the Tgoma System! #TgomaTime

CURAD to the Rescue

These are the reasons we keep CURAD® first aid products in our pantry and medicine cabinet. It is amazing how a small bandage can calm a few temporary tears. And, some kids like to proudly wear them as a symbol of honor for having survived a “horrific” event.

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I like to think of myself as a hands on, DIY kind of a dad. This comes with mishaps just like the kids encounter. If I am not paying attention, I can accidentally knick or scrape myself. CURAD® Life Tested™ first aid products always come in handy so I can get right back to work on whatever project I am tackling.

CURAD® has been around for a long time, providing products for both home use and for medical facilities, such as clinics and hospitals. Whether it is a bandage needed for a scraped knee, or a change of dressing for a more serious condition, such as at home post-operative healing, CURAD® has pretty much anything needed for personal care.

We keep our first aid kit stocked with wound cleaners, protective gels, and bandages to give our family the best care as quickly as possible. I always have a first aid kit for when we go on hikes or take vacations. And, I keep a kit in each car. You never know when something will happen that requires a bit of attention and soothing. CURAD® products give me a little peace of mind.