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It’s impossible not to look at the 2015 Lexus RC 350 F Sport and not think “sports car.” Everything about this car’s exterior – from its alloy wheels to its aerodynamic design and its stunning grill – portrays the very image of luxury and class Lexus is known for. Inside the car – both under the hood and within the interior – Lexus has maintained a quality that makes this car one of the most enticing sports vehicles on the market.

Lexus RC350 F Sport

The RC 350 F Sport simply does not skimp on power. With a 306 horsepower V6, Lexus allows drivers to make full use of the 8-speed automatic transmission. Coupled with the 0-60 in under 5.7 seconds and a top speed of 145 miles per hour, it becomes clear that Lexus has built a sedan capable of eking the most out of any Sunday morning drive – or winning a Saturday night race.

Lexus RC350 F Sport Int

When the car is going a bit slower, however, it’ll certainly turn heads on any city road.
The aforementioned exterior is meant to be noticed, and passengers riding in the interior will note the luxurious trim exclusive to the F Sport. The leather seats and steering wheel are notes of comfort for front-seat passengers, and children certainly won’t complain about the sleekness of the backseat as well.

Lexus RC350 F Sport

The Lexus RC 350 F Sport really shines when it comes to handling. With all those horses under the hood, drivers might expect subpar performance from any standard auto manufacturer. Luckily, Lexus goes the extra mile to provide Adaptive Variable Suspension and variable-ratio steering (both exclusive to the F Sport) that make it a dream to handle in any road condition. None of these key features sacrifice the near-silence of the interior, which is great, considering the 10-speaker sound system is top of the line.

Lexus RC350 F Sport

Aside from the 256 watt stereo and speed sensitive volume control, Lexus has foregone some of the features seen on newer models of so-called “family cars” – there’s no infotainment system to distract from driving, for example. The 2015 Lexus RC 350 F sport is a car made for driving. Its power, suspension, and handling are for drivers who want the most out of their ride and think a rapid 0-60 is the best kind of behind-the-wheel entertainment. When it comes to true driveability, this is the sports vehicle to beat.